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Aor Heaven News letter from 99 and Hard Roxx magazine from 98

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I went through some of my hardrock magazines today. I found some really nice stuff;


A news letter from Aor heaven in magazine format from 99. There were not many online stores with new great hardrock and AOR at this time. Georg's site was one of the best in my opinion and he was really great to deal with (and still is). It was not an easy ordering form at this time. I only emailed Georg which cd:s I wanted and he debit my credit card and sent me the cd:s with the credit card reciept included. I had sent the card number in two seperate mails earlier.


I also found some Hard Roxx magazines from the nineties. Some really nice articles and reviews.


I get really sentimental when i remember those days when ordering cd:s over the net was a new thing. You could not believe that this would be so huge with Ebay and Gemm etc.


Do you have some good or bad memories of the really early days of ordering cd:s over the net.

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Always anticipated arrival of the latest copy of HARD ROXX and FRONTIERS magazines and loved the CDs that came with them. On occasion, I pull out one or two of those old CD compilations and play them as well as read one of the magazines. Also some other great magazines were STRUTTERZINE (Which is now an on-line magazine at STRUTTERZINE) which was edited by my good friend Gabor Kleinbloesem in Holland and BOULEVARD which was edited by another friend, Ola Granshagen in Sweden. Yep.....I loved to pour over those great magazines, read the reviews, interviews and check out all the ads. This was before the days of the internet which has made it so easy to collect.


Oh....and do you remember GOLDMINE which was published here in the USA? I was a subscriber and sometimes contributor. Loved pouring over the ads. I made some great lifelong contacts through GOLDMINE both here in the STATES and EUROPE.

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Yes, those cd:s were great. You always found some new great bands to buy since it was harder to find then. Internet was obviously very small back then and you could not just login into sites like Heavy Harmonies and Melodic Rock and find new great bands.

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