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After my recent bullshit termination from my job, I decided to go back to school!


I'm 35 and have a wife and 2 year old daughter, so I need to somehow sustain a little income with a job of some kind while going to school if my unemployment is declined. I "WAS" looking into places such as ITT, National American University After seeing what NAU and ITT were charging per credit, I've decided to skip them. I'm looking into a few others all aimed at ADULT learning. There's a few tech colleges as well as community colleges in my area. I'm in Minnesota just south of the Twin Cities metro area. I'm looking into PC related fields such as Networking, Programming, I.T., and similar fields.


I want something career based where I won't have to waste time dealing with generals that have no application in my field of interest.


Anyone here ever go back to school for a career change or midlife crisis? Any national schools? Good bad experiences?

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I can't speak to that, but I do know what it's like to think about that obsessively. (I absolutely HATE my job, but in this economy, sadly, that can't be reason enough to leave at the current time.)


I went back to the school where I got my bachelors and masters degrees and TBH, they weren't very helpful. (Then again, I wasn't looking to go back and give them MORE money; I was hoping to use my current degrees for something new.)


Check on Craigslist? Yahoo! Answers? Other social networking sites? I don't know HOW much you'd be able to count on the accuracy of the replies you'd get, but maybe a lead to check on further.


Good luck to you! I know my thoughts are based on want, not need. I hope you get some solid answer and answers you need very soon.

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