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Wildside acoustic recordings?

Captain Howdy

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I recently found some Wildside videos on YouTube, that appeared to have been posted by Drew Hannah himself.

I sent him a message, basically saying how good the debut and Wasted years CDs were, and how weak the second album was.

I also asked him what the chance of a new classic sounding Wildside album was.

This was his reply.




I'm with you on the "WILDSIDE should have been huge" concept. Just a little late to the game I guess. We had a short run but agree, we had some kick ass music. As for anything new from WS, not likely but I am recording some unplugged versions with guitar play Brent Woods from the band. I have some new song ideas that we may record too. It's real different than any WS stuff. Also if you go to ITUNES there is a collection of WS stuff called "THe Essential Wildside. I will be releasing a 2nd volume with 10 more songs to ITUNES this summer.




I like the idea of some acoustic Wildside stuff, and would be willing to hear some new material, even if it is real different to other WS stuff, just so long as its better than the S/T album (although I do like a couple of songs on it).

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