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Tragic Nancy

Jacob M.

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I've known about Tragic Nancy for a while. One of Tulsa's many forgotten bands. For some reason I still haven't given their music a proper listen. They haven't had a page up for too long. I happened to see their name on my friends list just now and it got me interested again. It seems that there haven't been any posts about this band so far. Since there hasn't been anything mentioned yet I want to get the info out there. I'm still not sure what to think about them, so I'll let you be the judge.

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Wow! No interest at all. I thought there would surely be a bit. Not sure how many people know of the band Sacred Rite from Hawaii. If you are into obscure metal you probably do. Two of the guys in Tragic Nancy were in Sacred Rite. Not exactly sure how they ended up in Tulsa or Tragic Nancy.

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I have 2 cds by SACRED RITE I would love to add a TRAGIC NANCY cd(cds) if they have any available to my quantity quality all silver pressed collection or if they have a band released cdr let us here at HH Thanks

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