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Hey Man...

Fat Freddy

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To this day, whenever I hear the opening riff of "Layla" on the radio I immediately think of this commercial. :lol:


By the way, in case anyone's wondering about the origin of this seemingly random thread, I recently acquired a CD by a band called Bible of the Devil titled "FREEDOM METAL," which obviously brought back memories of this age-old classic.


If Bible of the Devil are smart they'd use that connection to pimp the record... maybe shoot a quick video parody of this ad, with a couple of metalheads hanging out listening to the CD ... "Hey man, is that FREEDOM METAL?" "Yeah, man!" "Well, TURN IT UP MAN!" :lol:

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On Vinyl too.... OooooOoooooOoooooHhhhhhhh..... :tumbsup:


4 Records or 3 cassettes for $19.99, or 2 CDs for $24.99! Wotta deal! Wow, I didn't think they even had CDs yet when this commercial was made. :blink:

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