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Who the hell are these guys? -- Part 6


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I had a demo from this band during my college-newspaper days... not sure if I still have the tape or not. Will check into it and come back later...


I do remember that they were being marketed as a female fronted GNR. Though I guess since Princess Pang had already been signed to a label, the demand for female fronted sleaze/rock bands was pretty well filled up cuz Blackwing never wetn beyond the demo stage to the best of my knowledge... :lol:

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Yup, still had the demo...geez, I never throw anything away do I? :lol:


Here's a scan of the J-Card...




In case the scan isn't clear, the title of the tape is "!OMED 'NKUF A TSUJ" -- read it backwards and it'll make sense...


No time to yap now but I'll come back with some thoughts/remembrances...

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OK, here's the scoop on how this tape ended up in my possession:


When my friend Gary and I decided that we were going to become our college newspaper's new music critics, the paper itself had been dormant for a year and a half or so (I believe only one issue came out in my entire freshman year, and it was a piece of sh*t.) At a "real" college paper there would normally be tons of free promo crap pouring into the mail box, but since our paper had been out of the loop for a while we had to get the promotional train going ourselves. So we went out and bought a bunch of issues of Metal Edge, RIP, Circus, etc., and by scanning the various ads in those mags, we wrote letters to all of the record label/band addresses we could find, introducing ourselves and saying "please send us your promo pack for a guaranteed review." (This was, by the way, a bald faced lie. Haha. We may have had honorable intentions of reviewing everything at first, but when the mail started rolling in we quickly learned that once you get on a few label mailing lists, they share your address with OTHER mailing lists, who share them with OTHER mailing lists, etc., etc., until you are swamped with more crap than you would ever realistically be able to review even if you had the rest of your life to do so.)


So anyway, I believe we found Blackwing's ad in an ish of Metal Edge, or maybe RIP (it may have even been the same ad that Rob used in his first post), I also remember writing a letter to the band "Tangle" that Rob mentioned in another "Who the hell are these guys?" thread. (I believe both bands were managed by the same company.) Tangle never sent us nuthin' (so screw them, haha!) but Blackwing sent us their tape and a press release, which I believe started with the line "Imagine if you will, that Janis Joplin were still alive and became the new vocalist in Guns N Roses." We were like "Oh pleeeeeeeze..." but actually the three song demo sounded pretty good to me. I am not sure now if I ever actually reviewed it for the paper (if I did, I can't find it in my collection of tear sheets and back issues now) but obviously I liked it enough to hang onto the tape for all these years. Where the members of Blackwing are now, I cannot say. I kinda kept an eye peeled for their name for the next year or two thinking they might eventually release an album but they seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth after releasing this demo.


Useless trivia: Joe Floyd, who co-produced this tape, is the guitar player in the long running metal band "Warrior" (yea, the "Fighting For The Earth" guys).





Just ... No.


Move along now, nothing to see here.


So Dave... seems like you have some memories of this band... and it would appear that they're not GOOD memories either... so what can you add? Come on, SPILL! Inquiring minds wanna know! :lol:

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>> So Dave... seems like you have some memories of this band... and it would appear that they're not GOOD memories either... so what can you add? Come on, SPILL! Inquiring minds wanna know! :lol: <<


Saw them live and what a fucking mess. Vicki can sing, no doubt about that, but either I saw the worst off night a band has ever had or they just couldn't cut it live to save their, errr, lives. I don't recall hearing the demo but if Joe produced it I'm sure they sounded like a completely different band than the one I saw. I might be mis-remembering this bit but I believe they were the band on the bill that started, stopped and then re-started not one, but a few different songs that night.

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    • Brilliant album...oh how I pine for a follow up 
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    • One day to the show. Acoustic in a venue that looks like somebodies oversized front room.  Really should be a great night. 
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