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Not to be confused with another Aussie Hard Rock band called Snake who released an LP 'Let The Music Begin' in the 80's, these guys are from Brisbane and play a fairly typical brand of Aussie Hard Rock/Pub Rock similar in style I guess to The Angels, Rose Tattoo, ACDC and more recently The Vines, Jet and Airbourne. No ballads from these guys! Just pure classic Hard Rock! Pretty good stuff!


They released a 9 track album called 'Strike' in 2006. There's a few gigs listed for NSW and Qld in the coming weeks. Check out the sample on CD Baby.






CD Baby

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Ok after some research, I need to clarify a few things...


Firstly, the 80's Aussie Hard Rock band 'Snake' who released 'Let The Music Begin' in 1986 is kinda the same band as the 'Snake' who released 'Strike' in 2006. From what I can see, Larry Attard is listed in the line-up on the 1986 'Let The Music Begin' LP and is also the 'brainchild' of the "new" Snake, who according to their MySpace page, formed in 2006 and released 'Strike'.


Confusing I know...


So what I can gather is Larry Attard, a founding member of the original Snake, reformed Snake in 2006 without the other original members. Interestingly, the band has re-recorded six of the original songs from 'Let The Music Begin'.




Snake - Let The Music Begin, Possum Records, 1986


Track Listing:


Side 1:

Let The Music Begin



Every Dog Has Its Day

On The Right Track


Side 2:

In For The Kill

3rd Time Lucky

Out Of The Night

Dont Mess With Me

Sweet Revenge


Band Members:




Larry Attard - Bass, Vocals

Gordon Hedges - Drums

Gary Nelson - Rhythm Guitar

Kim Wheeler - Lead Guitar


Recorded At:


Ramrod Studios, Sydney, 1985


I've seen this LP for sale a few times, usually selling for around AU$100, got mine for $10

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