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Express registered shipping to Canada

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Hi guys,


I know that a few people on board are from Canada but I have no idea if they're taking international EXPRESS registered packages. So here we go. I always shipped to Canada via registered method & I never had a problem. But the last time I've sent via express registered method (what the fuck! I supposed more expensive=quicker) & still nothing. Which are the actions that the Canadian guy must take? Isn't enough to go to his local post office & give the tracking number & the "dispatch" number to find where is the package INSIDE Canada? The only sure is that the aeroplane left Greece so -as I know watching the news - DIDN'T FALL & REACHED CANADA. Is there a possibility for the delay to left in the CUSTOM STATION???? Do you have any phone number to provide which the guy could use to find the package?


Thanks in advance.

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Not 100% sure what you're after, but usually shipping to Canada is pretty safe. Registered mail is crap in my opinion. Paypal doesn't protect you if you use it and the costs are ridiculous. BTW, I can no longer ship a CD via registered mail because it is not "paper only". This forces me to use Xpresspost which costs 25$ compared to 8.25$ using regular mail. BULLSHIT!!!! With computers and modern technology registered mail for everything should be automatic and included in the price even if you're shipping to the town next to yours. Registered mail is a postal money grab,pure and simple.

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Thanks for your response. Actually I would like to know WHERE & HOW the Canadians search for a cd shipped from international destination to their country if there is a delay when the cd has been shipped EXPRESS registered. Do they go to their local post office? Do they ask about a problem at the postman? Do they call in a specific phone number where all the parcels scanned when those arrive in Canada?


What's that Xpresspost? $25 for a registered package? Inside Canada or international destination? I paid $10 for express registered for a weight approx 120 grams (0.264554 lb).

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So there's noone Canadian could give a helping hand?



Those Canadians can't be bothered this time of year... Hockey season is winding down and the playoffs aren't far off. :whistle:

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