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Metal Sludge - Sludge Goes to The Jungle


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Metal Sludge - Sludge Goes to The Jungle (Brasil)

feat. Steve Summers (Pretty Boy Floyd), Stevie Rachelle (Tuff) e Bastardz

Track List:

1- Wasted Generation

2- Grab Her By The Tail

3- Spider Sarah

4- Get Outta Here

5- Alleycat Spoiled Brat

6- God Bless This Mess

7- Good Guys Wear Black

8- Tied To The Bells

9- Leather Boyz With Eletric Toyz

10- Good Girl Gone Bad

11- 48 Hours

12- I Hate Kissing You Goodbye

13- So Many Seasons

14- All New Generation

15- I Wanna Be With You

16- Rock & Roll (Is Gonna Set The Nite On Fire)

17- American Hairband

18- Pills


Bonus Videoclip: Pills (Bastardz)


Hey maybe some of you will like try this DVD, it's the only official live video of Bastardz. Very funny stuff! They don't record it with the best cameras, but I like it. That was recorded in MAnifesto Bar(Brazil)


what you think about it?

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i got this a while back. I liked it.

Bastardz were really good... better than PBF anyway.

LOL PBF are good too! :) did you hear their single Live Hard, Live Fast, sound cool!

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