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Cheap Trick Afterparty video from 1978


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Try to find the one person at this
who ISN'T blown out of their mind.


Including the chick interviewer!! haha


Thanks for the link!

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    • Hoping their two albums are easier to buy.
    • Just ordered Prequelle and Meliora from the Finnish website Record Shop X as got some good prices on there and postage is actually really cheap. Prequelle is the Scandinavian deluxe edition with two extra tracks, and Meliora is a 2CD version that includes the Popestar EP. Two CDs to the UK and only 5 Euros postage. Cost about the equivalent of $29 for both CDs and postage from Finland to UK. The standard version of Prequelle plus the deluxe of Meliora would cost about $21 from Amazon UK. On Discogs for either the Scandi or US versions of the deluxe Prequelle, including postage it would cost me more than double what I am paying for both albums.
    • Lordi - Humanimal      
    • Motley Crue - Too Young To Fall In Love      
    • Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil
    • The first two ghost albums are unlistenable, imo. Things started to improve when Tobias started working with outside writers on album # three. Each album after the first two have improved on the one before it culminating in their best album Impera.  I have zero interest in hearing Spillways feat joe elliot, but the sans joe version is probably my second favorite track after Darkness At The Heart Of My Love. 
    • Agree.  I'd probably buy this if it were on CD but really not interested in vinyl.  I only have a couple vinyls and they're only for display purposes as they're both signed.  I don't even own a record player as to me vinyl is just mostly annoying to deal with and would take up too much space.  I've toyed with possibly getting a record player just for the novelty of it but I really don't want to go there as then I'd probably end up wasting a bunch of money tracking down albums on vinyl. I'd think that artist would want to put their stuff out on every format that people would buy.       
    • You know, when you're right, your're right I am the same, never cared for Cry For Freedom, it was boring and whiney. New version is far better and makes it ionto a fairly decent song.
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