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Suncity Records Update


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Hello all,


Just a quick(ish) message to keep everyone up to date with everything Suncity Records.


First of all we have just released 3 great new CD's - Lessdress - Dumblondes, Masque - Face First & Flash Addict - Live Fast... Die Pretty. All of the following albums have sold really well and a lot of people are saying they are our best releases to date.


In my opinion, Lessdress's Dumblondes would have to be probably my favorite Suncity album to date!! That will only last until the release of our next CD (see below for more details). To anyone that hasn't got around to picking up the newys, www.suncityrecords.com is where you can purchase them from. Some people think that our price of $US18.00 per CD is expensive, but I can tell you that ALL of our CD's are worth the money. To the 12 paged coloured booklets to the heat sealed professionally silver pressed CD's to the incredible re-mastering job that our sound engineer does, if you like your Melodic Hard Rock/AOR music done professionally, Suncity Records is the place to go.


Thank you deeply to everyone who has continued to support Suncity's quest in "Keeping the Hard Rock flame alight". I would be very interested to hear what all our Heavy Harmonies fans think of the new discs as well as our new signing. We have been very busy behind the scenes with a whole lot of new signings which are almost ready to announce. Most of the artwork for our next 4-5 albums are done, we are just waiting on the final contracts to arrive.


Now to our new signing that I've been hinting at for quite some time now. Please welcome to the Suncity Records roster, Boston based Hard Rock act - Taupier!!


Pronounced (toe-pierre), Taupier were undoubtedly Boston's best-kept secret of the Hard Rock/Hair Band glory days. Kept on ice for over 15 years, Taupier finally unveils to the world Volume I of the greatest Hard Rock tunes that were never heard - That Was Then...!!


Was it that the world wasn't ready for this slickly produced guitar riddled foursome from Boston?, or was it a diabolical scheme plotted by a bunch of flannel wearing dudes from the northwest to prevent Taupier from stealing the thunder of the movement they were soon to unleash? We may never know.


This could very well be Hard Rock Band/Album of 2008 because this is quite simply the strongest material I've heard in many, many years. The first thing I thought of when hearing these tunes for the first time was - WOW!! where were these guys back in the late 80's? All the talent, attitude & looks in the world didn't guarantee you getting signed back then, it came a lot down to good luck and perfect timing.


These never before released on CD 14 tracks feature the racially euphoric Brotherland, the sensually funky Erotic Ball, the shoulda been a smash hit ballad Ghost Of A Lonely Heart (which will rank highly in ballad of the year) and the song that started it all, Change Your Mind.


This debut CD appropriately named "That Was Then..." is only the tip of the iceberg of vaulted material that put Taupier on the Boston Music Scene map back in the late '80's and early '90's. Stay tuned for more "in your face" guitar driven rock 'n' roll from Taupier and Suncity Records in the near future.


Go to the website and click on the previewed opening track and take a listen for yourself to the brilliant and powerful "Brotherland". Combine stellar production with influences from some of the greats - Lynch Mob, Extreme, Babylon A.D. and Lillian Axe and you will get Taupier. "Brotherland" will be the opening track off the soon to be released Taupier album "That Was Then...".


Thanks everyone for your time and stay tuned for more exciting releases to be released in the not too distant future....


Kind regards

David Moors

Suncity Records

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