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Retrospect Records - Interview with Hard Rock Haven

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For a change of pace, Hardrock Haven decided to interview a label behind the resurgent '80s musical movement. So, we got a hold of Retrospect Records' president Sam McCaslin to talk about Retrospect Records' musical mission; how he landed an entire stage to showcase 32 Retrospect Records' bands at the nation's greatest rock festival, Rocklahoma; the fact that he's actually going to be playing keys on the Retrospect stage with Ron Keel and the main stage with XYZ; how they are on pace to release upwards of 100 CDs per year; and a whole lot more.


Tune in now to get to know the mind behind not only a great re-issue label, but a label that is finding new '80s sounding musicians and giving them a voice as well.



Retrospect Interview

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