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Jaded Reign - The reissues are on the way,,,,

Ali Rock

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I read this article yesterday. Great news if you like Jaded reign as I do. They will also put out some unreleased material as well.


Authority X Records is proud to announce that we have reached a new agreement with Jaded Reign™ and we will be releasing their catalog of music starting from 1991-1996.


As a tribute to Brian Cooney Jaded Reign has released their archived music video on YouTube. Enjoy!



Authority X Records recording artist Jaded Reign™ exploded into the hard rock world out of Long Island, NY. Authority X Records is proud to announce that their entire catalog of music including new never released material will be available worldwide beginning May 2008. The releases will include "Harmful if Swallowed", "Tangled in the Shadows" the CD that landed on the UKs independent charts at #13, and Poland's top 100, and a brand new compilation CD "A Long Harmful Tangled Season in June 2008.


I send them an email yesterday and asked them when the cd:s will be ready. The cd:s should be released in the next 2-3 weeks.



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Just been listening to some nice tunes from 'Tangled In The Shadows'. Presumably these reissues never happened? Anyone know anything about them?

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Yes - the guys are really jerks. I'm sure their stuff (especially the 2nd cd) is rotting somewhere. By the way, a copy of their 2nd cd has been appeared on ebay recently but disappeared as the seller closed the auction immediately (got an offer?).


Looks like another blogspot download then... :rolleyes:

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