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racsofocs - an Ebay seller to avoid!

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Before I start to rip this fucker a new one, I should have known better after being on this board for years and being a seller myself.


Late last month I ordered 4 cd's from this piece of crap seller. Here is summary of all the things that have gone wrong or don't seem right:


1) I only received 3 of the 4 cd's I purchased. (still haven't received the 4th one)


2) All 3 items I received were a defective cheap ass Mexican issues "Scarecrow Records" or something, not stated anywhere in the description. The cd tray came unglued almost instantly.


3) When I ask about getting a refund I got an e-mail stating I had to have paid insurance, which was not stated anywhere in the item description.


4) The shipping cost was over 18$ US and it cost less than 4$ to actually ship the 3 cd's I did received.


5) The store was in Canada according to the seller's location, however it is actually located in California, USA.


6) Seller said they sent the missing cd in another package on its own so not to get the attention of customs. WTF??? Liar!!!


These too good to be true sellers are scammers, just like this Metalpins prick from another thread. If it ain't on NEH, The End Records or straight from the label I won't buy it. With the exception of some class sellers like Brett Harling or Ryan @ Metal Mayhem, I won't be buying anymore new shit on Ebay.

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Dave...what a dismal story.......this is the part of our hobby that is just being repeated more and more as a certain segment are preying on collectors to line their pockets. Thanks for the tip and for all of us, another lesson in cautious purchasing/trading!!!! Stick to the folks you know and trust......

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