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Has Anyone Had problems using the Sony Connect online music service?

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I signed up for a new account with the Sony Connect service today. I know they are quitting business but they had a few songs I really wanted. So this morning I purchased 4 tracks. When I went to listen to them 2 of the tracks were the wrong songs from what was listed. So I emailed them and told them of the problem and asked them to credit me for the 2 incorrect songs. I received an email an hour later from some guy in cust service saying he would look into the problem and get back to me shortly. Since then I haven't heard a peep. I hope that since they are closing down their online music service they don't just decide to blow me off. I'd be out an entire $1.98! :rofl2: Actually I'm more concerned about getting those other two songs because this is the first time I've ever found any site or person that had them.

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Well, I finally got a reply from Sony. They looked into the issue (or maybe they didn't and just said they did) and sent me 4 free song downloads as a thank you for pointing out the error. However, it's been a week and the track listing is still screwed up on their site.


What miffed me was I had no idea the format I was downloading was some .oma format. The only place I could play the songs was on Sony's player. I couldn't burn the songs or even convert the files to a .wav or .mp3 file. Stupid stupid. That special format shit to protect against piracy or whatever is so annoying. All I did was play the track and use an audio recorder to pull the song into a .wav file real time as it played and convert it to an mp3. Same result with a little more effort.

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