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Status as of 8-20-07:


phaffas: Damone - From the Attic

Rycheage: Accomplice - She's On Fire

Rycheage: The Alarm - King Biscuit Flour Hour

Rycheage: Doug Aldrich - Highcentered

Rycheage: Doug Aldrich - Electrovision

phaffas: Harmony - Dreaming Awake

phaffas: Narnia - Awakening

phaffas: Aerial View - S/T

phaffas: Allies - Shoulder to Shoulder

phaffas: Petra - Jekyll and Hyde En Espanol

aMetalhead1966: Anthem - Immortal

aMetalhead1966: Anthem - Heavy Metal Anthem

aMetalhead1966: Anthem - Seven Hills

aMetalhead1966: Anthem - Overload

chocularok: Broken Toys - Savage

chocularok: Court Jester - King for a Day

chocularok: Sign of the Times - Disengage

chocularok: Great White - Live in New York

chocularok: John Hahn - Out of the Shadows

chocularok: Harpo - Live, Go Heavy or Go Home!

chocularok: Harpo - Too Much Is Just Enough

chocularok: Howe II - High Gear

chocularok: Jester - Time Has Come

chocularok: King for a Day - S/T

chocularok: Richie Kotzen - S/T

chocularok: Leggz - Here We Go Again...

chocularok: Masquerade - Crazy About the Night Life

aMetalhead1966: Anthem - Eternal Warrior

aMetalhead1966: Anthem - Live Melt Down

aMetalhead1966: Flatbacker - War

aMetalhead1966: Flatbacker - Feed

chocularok: Great White - Live at the Ritz

chocularok: Great White - Live at the Marquee Official Bootleg

Rycheage: Artension - Future World

Rycheage: Circus Maximus - Isolate

Rycheage: Colosseum II - Electric Savage

Rycheage: Colosseum II - Wardance

Rycheage: Conspiracy - S/T

Rycheage: Cryptic Vision - In a World

Rycheage: Edenbridge - Shine

Rycheage: Edenbridge - The Grand Design

chocularok: Metal Rose - S/T

chocularok: Mr. Big - Live at Budokan

chocularok: Mr. Big - Static EP

chocularok: Mr. Big - In Japan

chocularok: Mind Bomb - S/T

chocularok: Piece Dogs - Exes for Eyes

chocularok: Pitt Crew - S/T

chocularok: Problem Child - Smashin Time

chocularok: Blues Saraceno - Plaid

chocularok: Blues Saraceno - Hair Pick

chocularok: Schriek - Tattoo Smile

chocularok: Shark Island - Alive at the Whiskey

chocularok: Dave Sharman - 1990

phaffas: Barnabas - Approaching Light Speed

Rycheage: Sacred Heart - Shake

Rycheage: Pyramaze - Legend of the Bone Carver

Rycheage: Riverside - Second Life Syndrome

Rycheage: Saracen - Vox in Excelso

chocularok: Blue Oyster Cult - Imaginos

aMetalhead1966: Dead End - Ghost of Romance

chocularok: Ten Inch Men - Pretty Vultures

chocularok: Andy Timmons - Ear X-tacy

chocularok: Toxic Web - Vicious Circle

chocularok: Ugly Wanda - One Night

aMetalhead1966: Anthem - No Smoke Without Fire

chocularok: Uncle Sally - World of Hurt

chocularok: U.S. - Peace, Love, & Pain

chocularok: Velcro Pygmies - Dice

chocularok: Neil Zaza - Staring at the Sun

Studboy: Andy Kelli - The Big Bang

Studboy: Broken Teeth - Guilty Pleasure

Studboy: Cherry Bang - Generation Sexxx

Studboy: Classroom Zero - S/T

chocularok: Jason Becker - Perspective

chocularok: Velcro Pygmies - 3?

chocularok: Cacophony - Speed Metal Symphony

choculaok: Cacophony - Go Off!

chocularok: The Cult - Live at the Marquee London MCMXCI

Studboy: Dangerous Toys - Vitamins and Crash Helmets Tour Live

chocularok: Damn the Machine - S/T

chocularok: Marty Friedman - Scenes

Studboy: Kinights Reign - S/T

Studboy: Loudness - Jealousy

Studboy: Ladies Room - Eat a Peach

Studboy: Kidd Robin - The Inevitable Return of the Dinosaur Monster

Studboy: Suicide Alley - 13

Studboy: Suicide Circus - World of Hate

Studboy: The Screaming Santas - Going Insane at Christmas

Studboy: Skeleton Crew - Graveyard Shift

Studboy: Skeleton Crew - Grind the Enamel

Studboy: Wednesday 13 - Fang Bang

Studboy: Wilkes Booth - One Night Stand

chocularok: Drivin' Miss Crazy - S/T

chocularok: Mr. Big - Big, Bigger, Biggest

Rycheage: Mass - Crack of Dawn

Rycheage: Rush - Snakes and Arrows

chocularok: Ozzy Osbourne - Ten Commandments

chocularok: Def Leppard - In the Clubs... In Your Face

chocularok: Compilation - Classic Metal

chocularok: The Cult - The Manor Sessions

chocularok: Dream Theater - Scenes from a World Tour

chocularok: Dream Theater - Graspop Festival 2002

chocularok: Dream Theater - A Sort of Homecoming

aMetalhead1966: August Redmoon - Fools Are Never Alone

aMetalhead1966: Brainfever - Capture the Night

aMetalhead1966: Blacklace - Unlaced/Get It While It's Hot

aMetalhead1966: Dead End - Shambara

chocularok: Atrophy - Socialized Hate (BM)

chocularok: Fear of God - Within the Veil (BM)

chocularok: Kage - Shadow of Faith (BM)

aMetalhead1966: Hellhound - Tokyo Flying V Massacre (BM)

chocularok: Killers - Murder One (BM)

chocularok: Killers - Menace to Society (BM)

chocularok: Meliah Rage - Kill to Survive (BM)

chocularok: Meliah Rage - Live Kill (BM)

chocularok: Metallica - Fan Can No. 2 (BM)

chocularok: Metallica - Fan Can No. 3 (BM)

chocularok: Metallica - Fan Can No. 4 (BM)

chocularok: Metallica - Fan Can No. 5 (BM)

chocularok: Midas Touch - Presage of Disaster (BM)

chocularok: Mortal Sin - Face of Despair (BM)

chocularok: Last Crack - Sinisted Funkhouse #17 (BM)

chocularok: Last Crack - Burning Time (BM)

chocularok: Powersurge - MCMXCI (BM)

chocularok: Sacred Reich - Surf Nicaragua EP (BM)

chocularok: Steel Reign - Change to Insane (BM)

chocularok: Toranaga - God's Gift (BM)

chocularok: Glenn Tipton - Baptism of Fire (BM)

chocularok: UDO - Animal House (BM)

chocularok: United - Human Zoo (BM)

chocularok: United - No IQ (BM)

chocularok: Voivod - Dimension Hatross (BM)

chocularok: Voivod - Angel Rat (BM)

chocularok: Voivod - The Outer Limits (BM)

chocularok: Voivod - Negatron (BM)

chocularok: Vio-lence - Eternal Nightmare (BM)

chocularok: Vio-lence - Oppressing the Masses (BM)

chocularok: Vio-lence - Torture Tactics EP (BM)

chocularok: Wrath - Insane Society (BM)

Studboy: Amulance - Feel the Pain (BM)

Studboy: Amulance - The Rage Within and the Aftermath (BM)

Studboy: Armored Saint - Nod to the Old School (BM)

chocularok: Metal Church - Hanging in the Balancs (BM)

chocularok: Rage - Perfect Man (BM)

chocularok: Coldsteel - Freakboy (BM)

chocularok: Various Artists - Deeper into the Vault (BM)

chocularok: Firehouse - Here for You!

chocularok: Lita Ford - Platinum and Gold Collection

chocularok: Freak of Nature - Rescue Me EP

chocularok: Guns 'N Roses - EP

chocularok: Ignorance - The Confident Rat

chocularok: Destruction - Best of Destruction (BM)

chocularok: Metallica - Live in London (BM)

Eaglesfan3000: Nuclear Assault - Out of Order (BM)

Eaglesfan3000: Dimmu Borgir - In Sorte Diaboli (BM)

Eaglesfan3000: Dimmu Borgir - Stormblast (BM)

Eaglesfan3000: Exciter - Long Live the Loud (BM)

Rycheage: Altaria - The Fallen Empire (BM)

Rycheage: Evergrey - Recreation Day (BM)

chocularok: Die Happy - S/T (BM)

chocularok: Die Happy - Volume II (BM)

Rycheage: Halford - Metal God Essentials, Vol. I (BM)

Rycheage: Evergrey - A Night to Remember, Live 2004 (BM)

Rycheage: Evergrey - Monday Morning Apocalypse (BM)

Rycheage: Edge of Sanity - Unorthodox (BM)

Rycheage: Edge of Sanity - Nothing But Death Remains (BM)

Rycheage: Nocturnal Rites - Shadowland (BM)

Rycheage: Nocturnal Rites: New World Messiah (BM)

Rycheage: Nocturnal Rites: The 8th Sin (BM)

Rycheage: Nocturnal Rites: Grand Illusion (BM)

Rycheage: Nevermore - Enemies of Reality (BM)

Rycheage: Nevermore - The Godless Endeavor (BM)

aMetalhead1966: Sex Machineguns - Live Fire (BM)

aMetalhead1966: Sex Machineguns - Made in Japan (BM)

aMetalhead1966: Sex Machineguns - Sex Machinegun (BM)

Jacob M: Pit Bulls on Crack - Feeding Frenzy (BM)

chocularok: Exodus - Good Friendly Violent Fun (BM)

chocularok: Fates Warning - FWX (BM)

chocularok: Flotsam and Jetsam - No Place for Disgrace (BM)

chocularok: Flotsam and Jetsam - My God (BM)

chocularok: Iron Maiden - Maiden England (BM)

chocularok: Iron Maiden - BBC Archives (BM)

chocularok: Iron Maiden - Beast Over Hammersmith (BM)

chocularok: Iron Maiden - Best of the B-Sides (BM)

chocularok: Contagious - Long Time Comin'

chocularok: Moon 'Doc - Realm of Legends

Rycheage: Baltimoore - Ultimate Tribute

Rycheage: Mark Boals - Edge of the World

chocularok: Savatage - Sirens/The Dungeons Are Calling (BM)

chocularok: Jon Oliva's Pain - Tage Mahal (BM)

Rycheage: Pain of Salvation - Scarsick (BM)

Rycheage: Pain of Salvation - Entropia (BM)

Rycheage: Pain of Salvation - The Perfect Element Part I (BM)

Rycheage: Pain of Salvation - Be (BM)

Rycheage: Cloudscape - Crimson Skies (BM)

Rycheage: After Forever - Exordium (BM)

Rycheage: Afterworld - Connecting Animals (BM)

Rycheage: Cold - A Different Kind of Pain (BM)

Rycheage: Cold - Year of the Spider (BM)

Rycheage: Tool - 10,000 Days (BM)

Rycheage: Abydos - Abydos: The Little Boy's Heavy Metal Shadow Opera (BM)

Rycheage: Adagio - Sanctus Ignis (BM)

Rycheage: Adagio - Underworld (BM)

Rycheage: Adagio - Dominate (BM)

Rycheage: Agalloch - From Which of This Oak (BM)

Rycheage: Agalloch - Of Stone, Wind, and Pillar (BM)

Rycheage: Agalloch - The Mantle (BM)

chocularok: JAG - The Only World in Town (HM)

chocularok: JAG - Fire in the Temple (HM)

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