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Question for Stormspell

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Hey man , I know you aren't gonna believe this but I actually referred a couple of great Bulgarian bands to your label. One is called BTR and is killer Uriah Heep sounding stuff and there's another one too. Can you please PM me so we can talk about it?





Hey man, thanks for the tip.

I actually have been familiar with BTR for the past 20 years. I'm not big fan of their recent releases, but I loved their debut album "Bending the Rules" from early 90es which was fantastic slab of true Euro steel. I wanted to re-release it, but unfortunately there are legal issues due to some ex-members which wrote substantial part of that album and are not part of the band anymore, so it was not ment to be.


BTR currently got a US manager which sold the rights for a CD compilation called "SALVATION" to some Californian label called JetSpeed Records. Unfortunately for them the whole affair turned out to be a fluke - the label released duplicated cdr product without notice and any promotion and the manager sued the label. I'm not familiar what the outcome was as I havent spoken to the manager recently, but I see they sell the "Salvation" on their own website (www.btrus.com), so I guess they acquired part of the pressing at least.


If you need any info on Bulgarian bands, dont hesitate to PM me and I'll help you out with whatever info I can.



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Hi Stormy - thanks for the info - I wasn't aware of all that. Apparently they are about to release a new album with a bunch of songs in English and are looking for US distribution. I know that East European bands are your specialty so you might want to check it out. I'll have their US marketing guy contact you.



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