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Paypal help pleased

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I was trying to ue paypal today to pay for an ebay item when i come to the last page before clicking "pay" this message pops up...

"Your account information has changed. Either you clicked Send Money more than once and the original

transfer was already made, or you have just received money. To check, please view your Account History and make sure that you wish to perform this transaction."


however... i have not paid for this item before, nor have i received money.... Nor will it let me pay for this item!!! i have checked my history and theres nothing there! so my paypal is basically frozen. and there are no other options to get rid of this silly message. anyone have any ideas what i can do?

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No idea but i would contact Paypal straight away and inform them of this and send an email to the seller of the item explaining the situation and his payment will come soon as your problem is rectified :drink:

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