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Enough with the Thumbs up polls!

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Unless you want me to be breaking some thumbs. :taz:


It's up to over 44 of the darned things, and given the number of CDs out there, it could go on ad infinituum.


It's well on its way to cluttering up both the polls forum and the "View New Posts" page.


It would be one thing if the thread titles were useful, but they're not. You can't tell a darned thing by looking at the thread listings page.


I don't want to clamp down on the fun, but there are limits.


So.... some guidelines:


1. 3 new poll posts in this series per day.


2. Use the "Topic Description" field to list the 3 artists in that particular poll.


3. I've doubled the number of questions per poll from 3 to 6, so that should reduce the overall number of threads.





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