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How to post cover art

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When you're typing in a message/reply, see all the buttons above the text editing box? Choose the one labeled IMG. A popup box will prompt you for the URL to the image....



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Guest Berry
This may sound dumb, but Whats the URL? Is that the location on my computer where the scan of the pic is or is it a webpage addy where the pic is?

The URL is the web address of the picture. If you're using Internet Explorer you can find it as follows:


1. Locate the picture somewhere on the internet

2. Right-click over the image

3. Select 'properties'

4. Copy the URL as displayed in the properties dialogue box

5. Follow Dan's instructions for copying the image into your post


With Mozilla (and probably therefore Netscape 6 or above) the instructions are slightly different. From memory:


1. Locate the picture somewhere on the internet

2. Right-click over the image

3. Click 'copy image location'

4. Follow Dan's instructions for copying the image into your post


Sorry, I'm not familiar with any other browsers, but the steps should be pretty similar to the above.


The above won't work if the image you want to submit is on your own computer. In this case you would have to upload it to some web space somewhere and refer to its location there. As far as I can see (Dan will correct me if I'm wrong) this board doesn't allow the upload of images from your own computer.


Hope this helps!

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Yep, I've got the board set to not allow uploads other than images for avatars, and there's both a pixel dimension and file size limit on that.


One thing to keep in mind: the absolute minimum the cover art images should be is 150x150 pixels (200x200 or larger is ideal); when I enlarge the images to 200x200, there's a loss of quality. A couple of the images that were uploaded here I couldn't use (Shotgun Messiah - Second Coming, Skid Row - Subhuman Race, Lillian Axe - Fields of Yesterday).


Also, as I process the images and add them to the site I'll be deleting the threads they were in; keeps everything nice and tidy. :D


Thanks for all the cover art thus far!



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    • Could be. I think they have better distribution in Europe.
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    • Then later by AOR Heaven also I think? 
    • No doubt in the world he has a sound and he doesn't stray far from it... but if it's that good I'm prepared to be lenient here,
    • Also, the boulevard album is near perfection except the 1 minute of madness at the end of Slippin Away. What were they thinking??  Might be my most played album of 2017. More accurately would no 2 spot. really looking forward to seeing them again on Saturday 
    • Yeah, I love the original.
      Interestingly, Sly Stallone wanted "Another One Bites The Dust" and Queen wouldn't allow the ise, so he asked Survivor to write their version of the Queen song.
      The watched some of the movies and saw the line "you've lost the eye of the tiger", liked the line and wrote the song.
      Another footnote, for the next movie they were presented with that "you're the best... around" song and rejected it and it went on the get fame in the Karate Kid movie. Anyway, like I said, I love the original song, but to me it sounds a bit rawer than this version.
      This version doesn't suck, it's just average in the way of "what's the point"
      Nothing new, no new take on the song.
      if you're gonna redo a song like this, it has to be (as Paul Stanley would say) bombastic.
      This isn't.

      No biggie, but of all the covers are lesser versions of the originals I'll obviously have no interest.
      To cover a song you either improve it or do your own take on it.
      Simply re-recording it with newer technology and a cleaner sound etc is not very inspiring.
    • Not sure what you mean by that. You reckon this version is more AOR than the original? Bonfire are by nature a bit ballsier than Survivor in that era and this just sounds like Bonfire doing a Survivor cover, which, by nature, is a bit more hard rock than AOR... to these ears anyway. Decent cover. 
    • Why are the making the songs more AOR than the originals? Very average.
    • Ha true..his songs are pretty much one dimensional but...two different songs so the melodies do vary(though very slightly) and the second one happens to sound better to these ears.
    • Released via Reed's own 'Zero One Entertainment' label. 

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