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    Probably because they don't test so they don't have as many cases when in reality they probably have a lot. Same with countries like Africa
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    Ohhh right, well yes, I suppose so. Gosh I hope your family stays ok , man. I still think this is fishy…
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    No but for real, it's just made up, I wouldn't be surprised if it was concocted somehow to spread across the world on purpose. All the toilet paper is gone in Minnesota too 😒 My mom says it's to distract us from the government issues and that it's not important, really. She says it's orchestrated and I think so too. I don't know anything about politics but I do know that certain countries are gonna start a world war |||, probably. Anyway, I'm so damn sick of it already I'm not worried nor do I care about it, it's silly to live in fear of it, don't you think? And I can't stand the thought of being quarantined, because if I have to be stuck inside any more I'm gonna blow up! All winter and lots of siblings plus my mom has other people's kids she watches so they're here 4/5 days a week, and there's nothing to do in my town so I've got a case of cabin fever worse than the virus! Who's with me on bombing china for announcing the stupid virus? 😂
  4. I know much more John stuff than I do Greg, but I don't mind him either. John's just better
  5. That's cool! For me they were just one of the Christian 80s rock bands I was getting into last spring and summer and they turned out to be my favorite : )
  6. Ok here in the Midwest you don't get anyone except if I'm right that legendary concert with Def Leppard and Poison and Mötley Crüe and Joan Jett is in Minnesota. Maybe I'm wrong but that's what I thought I heard.
  7. Well that's ok, at least that guy is gonna put his own music to the words I write
  8. Uh idk living in my town you don't get much to do, he doesn't live here but I've probably given him a good enough idea of how boring it is, and he's always trying to think of things for me to do. He wants me to challenge myself and I'm good at writing so I'll give it a shot. This spring I'll start on learning the guitar.
  9. Idk you seemed pretty angry in your last message plus I thought you would just come on here and laugh at me. I don't hold grudges either though so that's good you don't. : )
  10. Wow! Thanks!! I guess I wasn't expecting you to help me : )
  11. A friend of mine has a friend and he wants me to try and write a song. Thing is, I'm definitely no Bob Hartman, so how many of you guys have written songs and can give me advice? He said I should try and write a Christian song so I'll be taking a lot of advice and inspiration from guys like Bob, and once I wrote a song that Foreigner totally could've sung. Never tried writing a Christian song and 9/10 times my songwriting goes in the trash because it's too cheesy or doesn't flow right. All I have to do is come up with a poem sort of thing while my friend's friend adds his own music cause he has a band. Does anyone have any tips or ideas that have helped them in writing songs? -Belle
  12. Something tells me I don't really care to check it out zzzz
  13. I would say no it's not at all how it is, Cause it isn't at all. But if I tried to explain at all I'd get the gun up to my head and right now I can't afford to lose my account. Maybe someday they'll shoot but not right now. Please leave it alone, please.
  14. That's not unusual, lately lots of people been doin that. All the more reason to stand firm!
  15. Saturday afternoon I bought Pete Stewart- Pete Stewart Petra- No Doubt
  16. And You Know- Brighton Can’t find a video for it though
  17. I'm not buying it, I have a faith and I'm gonna keep it.
  18. Why would you bring that up out of this thread? I've already caused enough trouble as it is. I'm keeping out. I don't know science and I'm still thinking Geoff's message through so I can answer him. You guys have yourself a jolly little argument or agree on whatever you like I'm outta this one.
  19. That's what my mom said! She had an Australian classmate and she brought a jar to school. My sister had me try some- it's very salty and not my favorite. But that's pretty cool!
  20. Metal Health -Quiet Riot
  21. Oh…… sorry that really made me laugh 😂
  22. My sister once had a dream where I was about 5 and I fell over the railing of our stairs which are pretty high up and died.
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