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  1. Well I'm not going to lie and say it's Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. I'm honest, and I don't really care
  2. What are your top ten favorite songs? This is going to be very hard, plus the fact that I change every two weeks. But it's okay to edit your list, if not, that'd be ridiculous (Not In Any Specific Order) 1. MT- The 77's 2. The Hurting- Tears for Fears 3. I Feel You- Depeche Mode 4. It's No Good- Depeche Mode 5. 1963- New Order 6. Ceremony- New Order 7. Vanishing Point- New Order 8. Not Enough Time- INXS 9. By My Side- INXS 10. Never Tear Us Apart- INXS I feel the absence of many good songs though 🥺
  3. I'm adding my list, because I've expanded a bit 1 Petra 2 New Order 3 INXS 4 Depeche Mode 5 Tears for Fears 6 Def Leppard/Billy Idol 7 U2 8 WhiteHeart 9 Duran Duran 10 The Beatles Not in any specific order, and it's a bit hard to choose, but I did my best.
  4. PetraGirl86


    I was sweating in my jean jacket and long sleeves on Saturday! Now it's cold and rainy and just your typical November… sad huh. But like you said, Christmas needs snow.
  5. Excuse Me, Forgive Me- Whiteheart
  6. PetraGirl86


    I love Minnesota otherwise (aside from the boringness of rural areas) because it's kinda nice, and the snow is pretty, but it's so cold and not expected until this month, but in October it was upsetting. Thankfully we have an Indian Summer coming before the real snow comes
  7. Ain't Talkin Bout Love -Van Halen
  8. PetraGirl86


    People without snow wish there was snow; people with it wish there wasn't.
  9. PetraGirl86


    My gosh- she doesn't even live in my house anymore she moved out months ago what the heck was I thinking? I literally thought about doing this today then remembered she isn't even here she's an hour and a half away 🤣
  10. My Sweet Love- John Mellencamp
  11. These are their three most popular They're not very well known Girl In Love, Respectable and Since I Lost My Baby are my favorites.
  12. I love Runaway! Blue Velvet is a good song too. Have you listened to The Outsiders? They're awesome!
  13. Angel of the City- Robert Tepper
  14. If that's top pop for here I have a different one
  15. I haven't listened to it- I just know I'm one for boring songs. But then again, that depends, on the boring. I like the "boring" half of INXS' Disappear, better than the chorus. But I don't like country because it's boring.
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    I'm Depressed now 😆 Just kidding- but I get awfully close over the winter- it's my best friend who keeps me in check
  17. PetraGirl86


    That sounds exactly like something my best friend would tell me 😄
  18. Hahaha! Alright then 😂 Thanks for believing me
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