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  1. My life is plagued By mistakes, broken love, slaps in the face. But I'm trying to care, to dare to embrace your face. Hug him like a brother. Kiss her like a sister. Let it be my mother for now. I want to find where the maid in the street Is pouring her wine. I heard she takes you in and gives you the words You need said. If you'll be her brother, She'll kiss you like a sister. She'll even be your mother for now. Hug him like a brother. Kiss her like a sister. Let it be my mother. Let it be my father. I will be her brother. Kiss her like a sister. Come and be my mother forever. These lyrics- can anyone please explain them? I'm not sure who or what they're about and they seem rather, strange. Not quite blasphemous- I don't know who/what it's about so I can't say that, but, anyone know?
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