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  1. Yeah, the deep that comes with age doesn't go well with his high voice 😂
  2. I guess everybody has a different definition of Catchy, but yeah- that's what I call a good cheesy
  3. Alright then. People say Stryper gets better with age- I Strongly disagree. Sorry is alright, but no way are they better with age. Anyway, yeah, we're gonna have to disagree
  4. Carrie is great, still cheesy though. Same for Stryper What I call a good cheesy.
  5. Well no, but definitely a ballad. A cheesy one is Carrie by Europe. I know that's not Def Leppard obviously but that's the cheesiest one ever.
  6. Love Bites is the definition of a ballad
  7. Is that a joke? Or are you being serious, because it's an instrumental. Either way It's alright I figured them out myself and used em for what I needed so it's alright. Thanks anyway.
  8. Does anyone have a physical copy of Angelica's first album? I need a picture of the lyrics for the song Are You Satisfied. I can't find them anywhere online. Much appreciated!
  9. Idk, like Bon Jovi they changed their sound, kind of. Maybe not as much as Jovi, but still kinda went a little bit country rock. But not southern rock either, just country cheesiness put into a rock song. You know- kinda hard to describe but that's the best I can do.
  10. Ohhhh I forgot about Love and Affection and I don't know why. That might be in there in place of Rock of Ages.
  11. My sister prefers OTTN & HND too. Both of us like OTTN- Adrenalize though. Neither of us like how they changed to Country.
  12. My top 10 (Idk what order these are in) SWITCH 625!!!! Animal You Got Me Runnin Too Late For Love Rock Of Ages Hysteria God's of War Kings Of The World Let's Get Rocked Now
  13. Wait so you are basing that top 20 off of your favorites, and we do ours, or that's what you think is the top 20 by popularity?
  14. So from what I understand this is going on Spotify this month?
  15. That's the part I've been noticing in the songs you're posting.
  16. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 🎆🥳🎇
  17. Heard that stuff on the radio. You disappointed? I'm working on a calendar - working much better since I'm not 8 anymore where every month started on a Sunday and had 31 days except for February which always had 28 😂
  18. Refreshed my memory of this one. It is good!
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