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    At least I don't have to drive in it. But for REO Speedwagon, I'm not saying anything. If she wanted me along she would've said so
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    Today we got the first F***ing snow. I'm so angry. I've been cheated out of fall & now it's several months of this crap. I'm also really jealous of my sisters and people on thepetrazone because on thepetrazone a guy told us about the concert I wanted to go to in Missouri, but it's an 11 hr drive, so we didn't (I wasn't even sure when it was rescheduled and I have no money soo) . And my second oldest sister is taking my third oldest sister and my mom to see REO Speedwagon next October Without Me! My third oldest sister doesn't even listen to them where I do, at least more than her, but they
  3. This makes me laugh a lot but I had a dream and everyone thought I was a man. It was really really weird, and a little bit uncomfortable đŸ˜‚ Don't get me wrong, I understand why you think what you do (at times) , and I take what needs to be as compliments, and I still find it funny. But in my dream everyone looked at me like an alien when I told them I wasn't a guy, and it was so weird.
  4. Why European? And yeah, I'm having a hard time deciding which one he [Michael] looks best in. I'm not like other girls, but I am a girl, and a very straight one at that.
  5. Yeah I know, and it's very hard to find friends who do like my music, that's why I'm on here
  6. Might have to check it out!! Thanks for letting us know!
  7. Yeah I get that, but it's the random section, it doesn't have to fit in with heavy harmonies, it'd be different if it was in sleaze glam or something.
  8. I've seen all the ones everyone's seen, and some more, and I've been finding time for this one next
  9. Not sure how to do so, so just don't answer my question, I guess. (Can you delete threads?)
  10. Yeah I've decided I'm not gonna be ok, so I was on my way to deleting it
  11. This morning I was accidentally reading about Ed Gein and… I almost hurled in my bed. Now, I'm not so sure I actually want to ask this question but, what's the most disturbing thing you've heard or read about? I'll delete the thread if I can't take it, so go ahead, I'm ok
  12. Haven't seen that one yet. Suppose I'll have to!
  13. There's only one Stones song that I can say I like and that's Beast of Burden. But my family isn't a stones fan, and that's pretty much unanimously
  14. Audrey is my favorite actress, and my idol! My favorite movie from her collection and favorite movie period, is Charade. It's A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!!! What's your guys' favorites? (If you watch her- if not I definitely recommend)
  15. I've been going through a 60s music phase. I discovered The Outsiders (Girl In Love!!!!!!!!!), The Beatles are obviously included, For What It's Worth, Runaway, I'm Not Your Stepping Stone, California Dreamin', Charade & Two For The Road by Henry Mancini (instrumental versions) Audrey's Moon River and there's more, but those are just some. Just wanted to share that What's your favorite 60s song(s)?
  16. I'm laughing so hard right now. I take it as a very high compliment that you think I'm in my thirties (I wish I was) but I don't know why I would pretend. Not sure if I should prove to you I'm not or what, it's all very funny. Then again, if I put 5 pictures of teenage girls, and 5 grown men, but said a picture of each was me, that wouldn't prove anything either. I can't prove anything I guess I put 86 on my username because it's the year Back To The Street was released, its one of my favorite albums. But it's not really unusual to think what you do. And you know, I still don't see
  17. I take anyone saying I'm mature or younger than I seem as a compliment
  18. Man this is really tempting, whether or not he was kidding đŸ˜‚
  19. Well, I can, but I don't think I should put my picture on the internet… It's definitely tempting- I don't like being misthought (is that a word?) about, but it's not really wise
  20. Hahahaha! I suppose you're right about that! Y'know, once I tried downloading tik tok to laugh at it but it took so long to download I didn't even bother.
  21. I take it as a compliment completely! I'm surprised someone would actually notice when I'm gone, honestly. And almost everybody says I'm a little old person, or an old soul. Thanks!
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