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  1. One Saturday last month I woke up disturbed because my pastor was preaching really bad stuff in the dream and then everybody was running around Echo with rainbow flags and then a guy in a bun came with some mini ones and tried to steal my precious 9 year old sister. So on Sunday I didn't feel much like going to church. I hate bad dreams
  2. Mike Avsec wrote it for Wild Cherry? Who changed their band to Fair Warning. From what I understood he was in it but I could be wrong. Other bands recorded it but those were covers of Bon Jovi's song
  3. i like the one in This One by Whitecross ~This One gave all of heavens glory for you~ & Tonio K.'s True Confessions. The melody is better than the words though.
  4. They didn't write it but Fair Warning gave the song to Bon Jovi because Fair Warning's album was scrapped. I'm not sure if they ever recorded it but it's more Bon Jovi 's tune than Fair Warning's. But it is the only song they've never written. I guess it's never been preformed live since the mid 1980s
  5. True, and I already knew that was your biggest hope anyway I don't dislike Queen because of Freddie I dislike Queen and Freddie only makes it worse. But anyway I said that WWRY annoys me regardless of the singer.
  6. Here goes. . . She Don't Know Me Roulette Breakout I'll Be There For You Wild Is The Wind Livin On A Prayer Lay Your Hands On Me Born To Be My Baby It's My Life Because We Can Misunderstood Thank You For Loving Me Always Bed Of Roses Only Lonely Secret Dreams Someday I'll Be Saturday Night Keep The Faith Not in order and it's 19 I wouldn't think of putting Blaze Of Glory cause that's like putting Father Time on here from Richie's Stranger In This Town. ✌️ Y'all enjoy your Ban Jouvi.
  7. Dennis Cameron Rex Carroll Bob Hartman Jimmy Page I'll also think of more as they come to me
  8. What's the absolute worst dream you can remember ever having? Mine was just a few weeks ago, but I'll only share it if someone else shares theirs.
  9. My biggest hope other than my kids (if I ever get them in the far distant future) following Christ is that they learn to love the good music.
  10. That's completely opinion, and several people have tried to switch my opinions around- it's impossible. Besides, We Will Rock You annoys me no matter who's singing it and I don't even know any of the other songs besides Dancing In The Dark. I have a cousin who's 6 and if she's in my room (at her home it's Old Town Road & country and pop) but in my room it's rock obviously and she seems happy enough, and the only way my kids would know anything different is if my husband liked music other than me and they hung around him more than me. A list of the songs she says she likes when she's in my room All I need to know - Foreigner Love has taken its toll - Foreigner Show no mercy - Bride Sight unseen - Petra A little love - Angelica Seventeen - Foreigner Woman in black - Foreigner You are loved - Altar Boys Out of the blue - Foreigner Dance - Petra Destiny - Petra Small town - John Mellencamp Hey world - Petra You are I am - Petra First love - Petra Sweet child o' mine - Guns N Roses Eye to eye - Whitecross Second wind - Petra A friend like u - Geoff Moore and the Distance With or without you - U2 Runaway Train - Soul Asylum Of course her favorite song is Dirt on my boots or Shut up and dance but in my room that's what she tells me she likes and I've heard her singing the songs other than my room So I can say if you don't know or like the above stuff, you're missing out!!
  11. Why???????????????????????????? I was actually thinking about making one but I saw this was already made lol
  12. I love this thread already
  13. Aw, that's too bad. I can't fathom liking the music Geoff listed for his kids. I don't think I ever will. And how come the music changed so drastically over the past decade? And why is it almost a given that they like it and hate the old? I just don't understand.
  14. Yeah sincerity definitely matters.
  15. Gosh Geoff I'm sorry for you. The only good songs you get to listen to are Footloose, and… footloose. My kids aren't listening to Trash when they're around me. I'm thinking that when I get kids I'm gonna have good music on all the time and they'll grow to like it. I seriously go crazy if I can't have music on or there's a terrible radio on. Why don't you just turn the classic rock radio on Glen? When my little brother asks, my mom sighs and says okay, since she likes it quiet, but then it goes on that radio- never has it been pop. That's what my cousins listen to in theirs (pop) and it drives me nuts, but of course I don't say anything.
  16. Ahhh chessy city is my favorite. First Love isn't exactly what I would call cheesy, just boring. I still like it but it's sure boring. I'm cleshae but I love "Honestly", cheesy or not. Idk if "Lonely" is a ballad, but it's a heck of a great song!
  17. Yes The Final Countdown as a good example
  18. I guess what does Cheesy even mean to you exactly - to me it's very, probably synthesized, maybe the singer is very 'R'ry with his R's, and the words are extremely cheesy. Lots of keyboards stuff like that. When I See You Smile is pretty cheesy, but a really good song.
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