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  1. On the turntable as I type Hawkwind - Road to Utopia LP
  2. One I forgot that came last weekend. Tangerine Dream - The Blue Years Studio Albums 1985-1987 (4CD clamshell box)
  3. Today's playlist so far: Thunder - Please Remain Seated 2CD The Beatles - The Beatles (White Album) 50th Anniversary Remaster 2LP Lita Ford - Lita LP Burning Rain - Burning Rain CD Saga - House of Cards CD White Lion - Pride CD
  4. My most recent purchases over the last six weeks: Overkill - The Wings of War LP Hawkwind - Road to Utopia LP Ace Frehley - Spaceman (Purple 180g) LP Rush - Hemispheres (40th Anniversary) 3LP The Zombies - Odessey and Oracle (Orange 180g) LP gift from my daughter Candlemass - The Door To Doom 2LP Mike Tramp - Stray from the Flock CD Find Me - Angels in Blue CD
  5. I enjoyed all three tracks but agree that none are classics. I still look forward to the full album and love the majority of Frontiers releases.
  6. Sorry to hear you are closing down as it is always sad when we lose another resource for our addiction / hobby. I still always prefer a physical product as opposed to a download, legal or otherwise. I have to agree that shipping has killed buying stock items from overseas as I used to order regularly from the States & Japan but it is too expensive now. The lack of sales is just a sign of the times I think. My daughter (36) and granddaughter (14) are both into music but neither own any CD's. My daughter has a Premium Spotify subscription and streams via her phone to Alexa and via bluetooth in the car while my granddaughter buys downloads from itunes to be listened to via her iphone. I know many others who don't buy CD's and are happy with what Spotify / YouTube provides. Maybe streaming is 'killing the music industry'.
  7. L.A. Guns - The Devil You Know (2019) On my second listen and think it's a pretty average album. 5/10
  8. FM - The Italian Job up next Wildlife - Wildlife
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