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I notice that a lot of users on here have been posting their good experiences with different people selling cds on here....I just thought I'd post mine as well.



Studboy---Nearly everything he recommends is awesome, and I wound up buying



LRC--Great seller

Stormtrade--Good at giving good advice...not to mention fast service

Adriano--Great guy.....has helped me find quite a few rarities.

Brian--Thanks for the two trades we did....

Tim--Thanks for the Jillson-Deadly Girl.

JLPROCKS-Cool dude to deal with..thanks again for your help

Retrospect---Has helped me get probably two of the rarest cds out there. Thanks!

HSF--Thanks again for the Jaded Heart, and the other cds in our trade.

Whiplash-Thanks for the Sinster Clyde.

LVKIX--Great trader!

Stuckinlodi-Great trader

Relive80's--Cool person to deal with as well

Swazi--Thanks again for the trade

Chockula--Thanks for the cds


M-Butt--Great guy, with cool music. Prices are a little steep, but that doens't keep me from buying them. I know that I am getting it in good condition...and that goes for all of you.


Mullethead................you have some great damn releases but since Paypal is your only payment method, I'm gonna have to wait until I lower my paypal bill first. :P



If I forgot anybody, by all means PM me and bitch me out. :)Thanks again guys.




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