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Just read this over at melodicrock.com...this should certainly put everyone at ease regarding the upcoming releases in case anyone was having any doubts...



Blue Tears frontman Gregg Fulkerson posted a new message on this site's message board - I thought it a good idea to share that with you here and should you wish to send Gregg a message, feel free to log onto the Noticeboard to do so. Gregg says: "Hello friends....I just wanted to say that we are looking forward to playing in Europe in November...at Firefest no less!!! Big thanks go out for all the kind words about us since it was announced we were playing...I'm surprised that so many of you seem to remember us...much less being worthy to play at Firefest...

I'm also really excited about seeing the other bands...and meeting them of course. Just come ready to ROCK! We are putting together the setlist right now...beginning rehearsals in a couple of weeks.....Please let me know what songs you'd like to hear!! I'm open to suggestions...

As you know, we are in the process of making a brand new Blue Tears album and it's pure melodic rock...the true spirit of blue tears from the beginning....we will be playing songs from the first album, of course....songs from the new album....and we are talking about doing several songs from the new release, Mad, Bad and Dangerous on Suncity Records.....maybe Rock You To Heaven...maybe A Date With Destiny....I don't know...tell me what you are interested in...if you are interested!"

The new album of previously unreleased material Mad Bad & Dangerous is due for release on Suncity Records very shortly. The CDs are currently at the pressing plant and it can be pre-ordered at: www.suncityrecords.com.

Full CD Showcase preview and new Gregg Fulkerson interview coming up shortly."


Straight from the horses mouth, as it where... :banger:

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