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What could be worse than 2 Quireboys bands? Orchestral Quireboys!


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THE QUIREBOYS – Orchestral Quireboys Live (2023)



THE QUIREBOYS - Orchestral Quireboys Live (2023) - full

Classic, timeless British rockers UK rockers THE QUIREBOYS will be releasing a new CD/DVD titled “Orchestral Quireboys Live” next February 10, 2023. The set, featuring Quireboys selected fan favorites, was recorded live at the gig at the O2 Forum, Kentish Town in London over the weekend of 3rd September 2022, including orchestral arrangements performed by a string section.
This is a beautifully performed set adorned with wonderful strings creating an intimate atmosphere, despite being live.
2022 evolved into a new chapter for The Quireboys with Griffin, Guerin and Weir — alongside rhythm section Pip and Nick Mailing — continuing to celebrate a bulging back catalogue bursting with hidden gems and long-forgotten favorites. And they’re doing it without Spike following the difficult decision to part company with the band’s original frontman at the start of the year.
It’s a brave task to replace Spike at the mic, but Guy Griffin does a remarkable job.

Indeed, Griffin has been doing vocals into the The Quireboys for decades, and know these songs from A to Z, and he’s a capable singer. In fact, he provides to the classic Quireboys songs a new interesting life.
Musically the band sound impeccable, and the recording / production is top notch.
Great classic rock album.
Highly Recommended


01 – Gracie B (Live)
02 – Roses & Rings (Live)
03 – There She Goes Again (Live)
04 – Mona Lisa Smiled (Live)
05 – Hello (Live)
06 – Blackwater (Live)
07 – The Promise (Live)
08 – Stubborn Kinda Heart (Live)
09 – Late Night Saturday Call (Live)
10 – I Don’t Love You Anymore (Live)
11 – I Love This Dirty Town (Live)
12 – Louder (Live)
13 – This Is Rock’N’Roll (Live)
14 – Original Black Eyed Son (Live)
15 – 7 O’Clock (Live)
16 – Sex party (Live)

Guy Griffin (Vocals, Guitar)
Paul Guerin (Guitar)
Keith Weir (Keyboards)
Pip (Drums)
Nick Mailing (Bass)


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