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Brave Rival - Life's Machine


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From braverival.com:

Life’s Machine is the stunning debut album from Portsmouth-based five-piece rock, blues, and soul band Brave Rival

Recorded in the picturesque Surrey countryside at The Mayfair Studio. The band enlisted the talents of record producer and engineer Tarrant Shepherd, an up-and-coming maestro of the control room who cut his teeth with Brit Award winning producer Greg Haver and award-winning multi-platinum producer and engineer Clint Murphy.

The album was mastered by Katie Tavini (Ash, We Are Scientists, Nahli)

Brave Rival also collaborated with some incredible musicians to bring their songs to life. On Hammond organ and keyboards, they brought in the amazing Jonny Henderson (Ian Siegal, Matt Schofield, Elles Bailey). On Piano is Ian Shepherd. And last but not least, the incredible Bravian Choir consists of Amba Tremain, Leonie Tremain, Bradley Jago Jackson, Marlene Hil, Olivia Haggarty and Faye Carpenter.


Track Listing

Heart Attack (4:11)
Guilty Love (3:36)
Without You (4:34)
Run And Hide (3:50)
Come Down (5:58)
What’s Your Name Again? (4:50)
Secrets (4:54)
Long Time Coming (5:33)
Thin Ice (3:40)
Fool Of You (4:12)
Break Me (6:07)
Life’s Machine (6:13)




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