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Trial - Feed The Fire (2022)


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TRIAL (Swe) – Feed The Fire (2022)



TRIAL (Swe) - Feed The Fire [Limited Edition Digipak +2] - full
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Twin guitars, romping rhythms, towering vocals and distinctive melodies – classic ’80s melodic metal is alive and well in the hands of TRIAL (Swe). Returning five years since their last full album with new vocalist Arthur W. Andersson on board, the quintet is hungry, and it shows in the tracks that comprise new CD ”Feed The Fire’‘.

Having added the country tag of (Swe) to their name in order to distinguish themselves from the many other bands who go under that name, this feels almost like a ‘new band’. Having a new band member can be nerve-wracking. However, on an album, it can be easy for it to sound like nothing has changed. On the other hand, this only works until the singer is replaced. Then the difference is noticeable.
Well, Andersson is a real find, as the guy sounds exactly what this type of classy metal needs.

Despite the slow, short introduction song, ‘Tria Prima’, this album goes full force. It is almost as if the first song was a calm before the storm. ‘Sulphery’ starts off with a riveting guitar solo before Andersson‘s voice comes in. He sounds fantastic, and his voice suits the music perfectly. This makes sense, as lead guitarist Alexander Ellström said that after hearing Andersson‘s voice he held the desire to write more up-tempo songs.

If you grew up listening ’80s metal you’ll get a nostalgic feel listening tracks like ‘Thrice Great Path’, ‘Feed The Fire’ and ‘The Faustus Hood’

The production quality is very good mixing vintage with modern; it makes the songs fit together nicely. Despite the fact that the majority of the songs are over five minutes long, most do not sound too long. The band feels natural, like they’re having plenty of fun on the album. The passion is clear, and it is certain the new vocalist is really good for this genre.

This is an album of high-quality trad metal that demands replays if you’re fan of the genre.

Highly Recommended


01 – Tria Prima
02 – Sulphery
03 – Thrice Great Path
04 – In The Highest
05 – Snare Of The Fowler
06 – Feed The Fire
07 – The Faustus Hood
08 – Quadrivium
09 – The Crystal Sea
10 – Sisters Of The Moon
11 – Die Young

Alexander Ellström – Guitars
Andreas Johnsson – Guitars
Arthur W. Andersson – Vocals
Andréas Olsson – Bass
Martin Svensson – Drums




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