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Rob Wylde no longer with Tigertailz

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From FB:

Tigertailz  ·

We are sorry to announce Tigertailz has today parted company with Rob Wylde. This has come due to irreconcilable differences. A full statement will be issued soon.
I like Rob and his stuff with Midnite City and Teenage Casket Company, but was never a fan of the stuff he did with Tigertailz.
Knowing the way Steevi Jaimz & Kim Hooker talk about Jay Pepper, I can imagine this irreconcilable differences could end up being messy with statements from both sides to follow.
Nothing bad to say about the band as I like them and they did me a big favour recently, and I have spoken to both Steevi and Kim a few times, and they both seem like good guys, so it's a shame it's  a band that seems to garner so much animosity between members over the years.
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Hi everyone, I'd like to clarify a couple of points on the departure of Rob Wylde from Tigertailz.
Firstly, Rob was asked to leave the band.
I'm not getting into the details of how this came about. But it comes down to honesty & integrity. If you can't trust the people in your band then for me, there is no band.
Secondly, can Tigertailz continue?
I think this is unlikely. I've given my all to this band for over 35+ years. It's given me some amazing experiences. But it's come at such a high price I question whether it was all worth it.
It'll take some time to get over this and see where we go from here.
But thank you for all your kind words & support. It means a lot.
Jay Pepper x
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Am wondering if has anything to do with Tigertailz having to cancel their show on 20th May at Bully on Rocks in France because both Rob and Berty had covid and were unable to travel, but Rob appeared with Midnite Dynamite a few days later.

I know restrictions on travel within UK are different and he may have been clear by then anyway, but I am sure this may have caused friction.

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