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Metal Enterprises

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Are any of you familiar with Metal Enterprises, it's perhaps one of the greatest story's you'll ever hear, considering you have a sick sense of humor, it made me laugh so hard I decided to do a YouTube documentary on it, but it's a huge complex story, I mean bare bones it's hilarious but there's a lot to it, I have a deviant sense of humor and it seems other people do as well, a lot of shit to cover, somebody before me found it amusing too, I'm trying to find him, he wrote an article about it, and the article is so well written that im going to link it to that, and I'm also posting this shit not just to amuse my fellow HH brothers but because if any of you have any detailed info I  am super interested as im trying to get ALL the details possible, if your interested in the story, and you don't know what I'm talking about, here is the link, YOU MUST READ THE STORY THIS GUY HAS WRITTEN BEFORE YOU PARTAKE OF THE MUSIC THAT WILL BE IN IT. Basically if you want to hear the worst metal ever made, so bad that you swear it's gotta be a joke, you need the context behind it, the complete absurdity of it, and then the record labels owner who got rich being a fucking slimebag, and to this day it's shrouded in mystery as to exactly what the story is as nobody has ever talked to the owner since, I would fucking throw him a party if I met him,


After you read about it, I'm taking it 2 steps further, I am giving you the songs that this other guy has written about, then I have gone a step further then him and Ive gotten a hold of the ringleader in and for the other side of the story, an entire different just as big and hilarious side to the bands Killer Foxx and Thrash Queens, who happen to be American LOL, that story is just as astounding, and hilarious, and as far as I can see nobody has that story anywhere on the internet, and it's to bad, cause it may be even better then the ME story, so read this link, then im gonna post the bands below, you stale fuckers don't bother, I know you wont find it amusing, cough cough, I'm doing a layout with my 2 friends to do a killer YouTube vid, fuck those things take so much fucking time and it's a pain, but it's gotta be put out there, I find it that amusing,



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Keep in mind these 1st 2 albums and videos were totally legit releases, they were all the effort of one guy who had 3 bands he put together in 2 days, one of which didn't know each other and learned the songs by this guy showing them how to play them right before they hit the record button, LOL, he is from Boston, and his story which I am saving for the Doc is almost so fucked up and bizarre sounding it is hard to believe it really happened, but it did, and that's what I find so humorous about the entire story, it went from his story, to the Metal Enterprises story, and you couldn't make this shit up.. so here are the 2 original bands. He is in Killer Foxx, and he was also in his own band called Hunter, which was released alongside these 2 bands, all at the same time, wait till you guys hear these. if you already have, then you know.



Okay, I assume everyone has read up on this, so now you can hear the Metalploitation bands, these are the fake albums using the band names from above. fucking love this shit.




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