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Hello, & New Book: The Rise, Fall & Rebirth of Hair Metal


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Check out the awesome new Hair Metal book just released on Amazon!


“The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of HAIR METAL”



Book Description (summary):

The spectacular story of ‘80s Hair Metal! What hidden mayhem truly lurked behind the curtain as outrageous bands such as Poison were having Nothing But a Good Time, only to find out later that Every Rose Has Its Thorn…


An intoxicating chronicle detailing the sensational arc of one of the history’s most polarizing and successful musical genres—the ‘80s-born hard rock and heavy metal circus affectionately known as Hair Metal. Spotlighting bands such as Mötley Crüe, Bon Jovi, Poison, and many others, prepare for an electrifying journey of enormous highs, unspeakable lows, and the improbable comeback of one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most sensational and influential eras.


Strap in for Hair Metal’s thrilling ride, with an in-depth look at the music, artists, and behind-the-scenes stories comprising an extraordinary era that impacted millions of lives. A time when real-life rock ‘n’ roll was truly more remarkable than fiction.


More Information: www.HairMetalForever.com

Hair Metal Book Cover.jpg

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Good point Jacob. I think the author even agrees with you, actually (for the most part). The very first sentence of the book reads: "I have a confession to make . . . I hate the term hair metal. Don’t get me wrong; I love hair metal music; I just hate the term." The book then goes on to state the moniker "hair metal" is only used because, right or wrong, it is the clearest universal identifier for this type of music. That and the fact that the term has become much less pejorative over the years and more of a happy and nostalgic reference.

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