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Katatonia - City Burials

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City Burials stands as Katatonia’s new triumph of deep & enigmatic progressive rock – the fruits of a rejuvenating and profound chapter in the band’s legacy; a catalyst for its creators, with a collection of moments constructed out of the fragments of an ever-evolving life. Compiled into one of their most important modern works and statements to date, the finely-honed instrumentation provides a multi-textured backdrop with the voice of Jonas Renkse guiding us through these latest trials of loss and ruin. City Burials is an album that sees the band reclaim part of their heavy metal roots, via several moments of exuberant, old school classicism, deftly woven into these new songs’ kaleidoscopic fabric.

Tracklisting: 1) Heart Set To Divide 2) Behind The Blood 3) Lacquer 4) Rein 5) The Winter Of Our Passing 6) Vanishers 7) City Glaciers 8) Flicker 9) Lachesis 10) Neon Epitaph 11) Untrodden

Katatonia are: Jonas Renkse - vocals, Anders Nyström - guitar, Niklas Sandin - bassist, Daniel Moilanen - drummer, Roger Öjersson - guitar







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Still my all time favorite band (on par with Fates Warning). 




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    • These guys actually released a nice EP called 'The Walls Between You & I' last year which was a good jam with some good tunes. But they've bettered themselves with an even more impressive new EP release this year. It's called 'Fake Smiles' and has these songs; 1    .    Life for Me 2    .    Without Her 3    .    Nvrb 4    .    Out of Touch 5    .    Freefall   They also made a pretty unflattering video for one of my favourite tunes on the EP;   Love this one too;   Which kinda has similarities to this massive earworm from their 2019 EP;  
    • Despite my above commentary I think was the closest they got to getting it right;  
    • Good new sound and a solid album, but overall it's probably going to be mostly another pass for me... as per recent efforts. The songs just don't have any longevity for me. I do love one song on it which is this;  
    • Pretty frustrating album. I actually feel like, song-wise, it's a pretty good album. But I am so turned off by the poor demo sound quality I can't really give it a proper go. Irritating, as I think there's an okay product here, but it sounds like absolute shit. 
    • Yep, ridiculously average album. 'Another Life Another Time' is an okay tune, but otherwise this ranges from terrible to bad. Very, very forgettable album. 
    • Pretty solid album with a pretty good sound, but none of the songs really do too much for me so it was sadly a pass for me.
    • Really, really average album. 'Still Close to My Heart' is a pretty decent stab at a commercial balladic number. But the rest is extremely forgettable. 'Steal your heart' was okay too... 
    • Pretty weak album, but I liked the opener, which is 'So bad.' Good song. Elsewhere I like 'Never say never' and 'My hometown' and there is potential with these guys. But overall, it leaves a lot to be desired.  
    • Only one listen in to this so it's early days, and I feel like this will grow wonderfully too. But I heard this one today and it's possibly the most interested in a modern rock release I've been for a few years. The first song hooked me immediately and I found myself really digging what these dudes were doing. Some cool lyrics and an emotive vocal delivery throughout. Don't know if others will dig it, but I loved this right off the bat.   01. Bright 02. Concealed 03. Twentyfourseven 04. Awakening 05. Gravity 06. Transition 07. Amnesia 08. Mindset 09. Oblivion 10. Worst Of Me The single;   The song that hooked me;  
    • Some good old synth-pop. Howard Jones - One To One (2 CD Expanded Edition) Alphaville - Forever Young (2 CD Deluxe Edition)
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