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Adellaide - New Horizons


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From their facebook page:

We are excited to present you Adellaide’s front cover, tracklist, and info for their upcoming second álbum "New Horizons", to be released worldwide on November 29, 2019 [LPM069]!



1. Robotica,
2. Times Hotel,
3. Nightfalls,
4. Tonight (Once In A Lifetime),
5. Ring Of Saturn,
6. Smile,
7. It's Just A Matter Of Time,
8. Oceania,
9. Paradise Grace,
10. Together Again


Adellaide was formed in 2016 with the proposal to make Melodic Hard Rock with A.O.R. elements inspired by names like: Journey, Survivor, Kansas, Asia, mixing it with a current sound like Lionville, Care of Night, Sonic Station, Wild Rose.

The band debuted recording an EP of the same name in 2016, which gained widespread public and press attention, and in 2017, their debut album was released with eleven tracks, recorded at IMF (Falaschi Musical Institute), produced by Tito Falaschi, brother by Edu Falaschi, former singer of the band Angra, and Ale Nammur. The album was called "Flying High" and released on physical CD along with the worldwide digital download on October 31, 2017 by Lions Pride Music.

Album covers were designed by artist Joey Polycarpo, who worked with many well-known names in the genre, such as A.O.R. Frederic Slama, Goran Edman, Chasing Violets and many others.

The band has a music video for the song "Save Your Love (First EP) and Learn to Live (Flying High)" on Sony Music and made it available on the Vevo platform in addition to the Lions Pride Music channel.

Two years later, the newly formed band returns with their second work, “New Horizons”, mixed, mastered and produced by Tito Falaschi, with 10 tracks with AOR sound and pure melodic hard rock full of cameos! New Horizons is released on November 29, 2019 via Lions Pride Music worldwide.



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