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Eden's Curse is no more


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From Paul Logue's FB page:

Paul Logue — feeling sad.

Thank you for thirteen wonderful years! I'm hanging the bass up for now and the exciting new chapter begins in earnest.

#edenscurse #allgoodthingscometoanend

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Eden's Curse is feeling sad.


It is with heavy heart that we announce that having evaluated our past and future, we have reluctantly mutually decided to bring Eden’s Curse to a natural end.

As you will hopefully agree, Eden’s Curse have always set the highest standards when it comes to songwriting, album production, artwork, live performances, set design, merchandising, social media presence and interaction with our fans.

Those high standards require significant investment of our money, our time, our families time and that of our label AFM Records.

To justify continuing this investment we must see benefits such as ever increasing:

- album sales
- concert attendances
- merchandise sales
- potential live opportunities
- booking agency & management interest

Our evaluation has lead us to this point where it is no longer desirable to continue operating as a band.

Nikola, Thorsten, Paul, Chrism and John do this with a great degree of sadness but we all recognise that this is the right decision for us at this time in our career and lives. We began our journey together as band mates and we bring it to an end as friends.

Our thirteen years together have brought us many wonderful experiences. We have been musically fulfilled beyond our wildest imagination and all of us have been dearly humbled by our wonderfully devoted and loyal fanbase.

We thank everyone dearly who has supported us, most especially Timo & Nils and all the wonderful staff at our record label AFM Records, our producer Dennis Ward, our artist Thomas Ewerhard, our great friends and colleagues Pete Newdeck and Carsten Lizard-Schulz, Ryan Northrop at Metal Mayhem Music, Andrew McNeice at melodicrock.com, Akira Sugiuchi at SPIRITUAL BEAST plus James Labrie and Dream Theater, Pamela Moore, Liv Kristine, Doogie White, Shock City Productions and all members of Eden's Curse past and present.

Our website, online store and social media pages will remain until the end of May 2019.

They say all good things must come to an end.

So, for the last time ... STAY CURSED!
Nikola, Thorsten, Paul, Chrism & John.

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