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Corabi Melbourne March 2019


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So my wife & I headed out to see Corabi play Motley 94 last night.

Power to the Music
Uncle Jack
Hooligan's Holiday
Poison Apples
'Til Death Do Us Part
Welcome to the Numb
Smoke the Sky
Droppin' Like Flies
10,000 Miles Away

Unlike most gigs, we didn't go in not knowing what we'd be getting
We were getting the 12 songs of 94 in order.
I did check out some recent set lists and it appeared that they played extra songs.
Although it seems Sydney only got the 12 songs so that crown mustn't have been great (Melbourne is always better ;) )

Ablaze opened.
We were having dinner before the show and googled the set times.
Didn't realise that he had 3 openers which was kinda stupid.
We were having dinner at 7pm and realised that we'd be watching Corabi well after midnight.
I'm kinda 'too old for that shit' so we continued dinner through Ablaze (the football was on in the restaurant so I got to see the first half live)

Headed a few doors down to see Sister's Doll.
I kind of like them, but not a massive fan.
But I thought they put on a great set of 6 songs including a new one Black Mirror which was nice.
My wife thought their show was lame. She doesn't get glam rock and showmanship etc

Next up were Electric Mary.
To avoid 3 or 4 hours of standing up, we bailed and walked down to the beach for an hour.
Electric Mary are good, but we saw them recently.
The show was at the Bandroom in St.Kilda.
Hadn't been there before and it's a weird venue in that there is a structural support column right in the middle of the room, so you were generally either on an angle from the side, or more directly in front missing one of the band members.
We have Pop Evil there next week, so will be prepared to get a really good spot for that.

We got back for Corabi.
Band were really good. His son was playing drums, and as he pointed out, was also in the start of the Man On The Moon clip at the start holding a lawnmower.
Played the first 6 songs straight through without much chat or interaction.
I love five songs of this album, and unfortunately for me, four of them are grouped together from Hooligan's Holiday to Poison Apples.
Poison Apples would be in my all time top 10 songs so it was great to see him play it live, and it sounded awesome.
In fact all the songs were true to the originals.
Then came Hammered, and from there to the end he stopped and told stories between the songs, like how he got in Motley, some jokes, general banter etc.
At times he rambled a bit long, and I would have preferred a little less and an extra song, but for me, the second half of the album is generally pretty average so it kept me entertained between songs.
Welcome To The Numb is apparently near impossible to play live. He said that he and Mick couldn't figure it out as pro tools were used along with 3 different keys.
Sounded kinda average as a result.
Driftaway ended the 94 songs, which I also love.
Then they left and the house lights came off, so people started to leave.
Then some dude appeared on stage and threw his hands in the air. To a few odd yells and claps they reappeared to play the last two songs.
The last one they said was the first time ever they had played it live electronically, so that was cool.
Was waiting for Love (I Don't Need It Any More) which is also in my top 10 ever songs, but they didn't do that one, even though they have been playing it generally in the Motley 94 gigs.

I guess having so much music on before made it a long night, so they had to pack it in.
In the end we walked out of the venue around 1am, so it was a 5 hour show all up if you got there for the openers.

So while I left hearing what I expected, I guess I felt that 3 opening acts allowed Corabi to do a shorter set than I expected.
I recall reading that he'd be doing all of 94 and then 8 or 9 other songs, so a little let down that it didn't turn out that way.

Will post pics soon.

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