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Grit & Grace - Goodluck Girl

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From their love of classic rock n roll, modern power pop songs with killer hooks and acoustic love ballads reminiscent of 70's/80's radio, comes the new, but familiar songwriting duo of Grit & Grace. Steve "Jude" Walsh (Iron Bridge Band) and Chandler Mogel (Outloud, Radio Exile and Iron Bridge Band) embark on a new songwriting project "Tales from the Heart (Land)" that draws from all of these sonic influences - creating songs with a fresh and different approach, while telling stories from the heart. The "Grit" are the "down-to-earth" lyrics which channel the heartache, pain and road worn journey of life's trials of love, failure, opportunity lost and at last redemption, in contrast to the "Graceful" melodic vocals and guitars which exude beauty, melancholy, reflection and intimacy -- a combination that allows the songs to unfold with raw, open honesty. "Tales from the Heart(Land)" takes the listener on that journey.

You can take a listen here >   https://gritngrace.wixsite.com/gritngrace

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