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Bon Jovi - Rockin' In Cleveland '84 (Remastered!)


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How do you remaster a bootleg??



BON JOVI recording "Rockin' In Cleveland, 1984" (The Legendary Ohio Broadcast) has just been re-released in a "HD Remastered Edition". Already considered an 'official bootleg', the album even has been released some years ago on vinyl LP.

It may look incoherent: a bootleg... remastered?

But let me tell you this is true. The original recording was done very, very well, and now it has been improved, cleaned & polished, and it sounds excellent.

The show was recorded at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland on 17th March 1984 and broadcast by WMMS FM, and it's a real gem because showcases BON JOVI at their very origins.

It takes place a couple of months after their debut album "Bon Jovi" was released.

"Rockin' In Cleveland, 1984" is loaded with atmosphere and youthful energy as Jon and his boys played most of the tracks from their self-entitled 1983 debut album, which contained raw and excitedly dynamic rock songs, a fair few miles away from the much more 'safe' material that they dish out today.

Jon's voice is so young sounding on this early recording and it sends you on a hard rocking, guitar busting emotional ride through classics such as 'Runaway', 'Shot Through the Heart' or 'She Don't Know Me', which sound even better in these live versions, and it's great to hear lesser-known numbers like 'Come Back' and 'Take You Higher', the latter of which was not originally released on the studio album.

They don't play many of these early songs live on the stage today, which makes this release even more a novelty.

The song that stood out for me is the aforementioned 'She Don't Know Me' which hasn't been played since 1987. They are reluctant to play it again because they didn't write it. I think the album version was great but this live version is 10 times better and the song takes you on a roller coaster of emotion.


"Rockin' In Cleveland, 1984 [HD Remastered Edition]" is a must have for the ultimate BON JOVI collector, well for everyone who loves classic '80s melodic hard rock.

It shows you how tight and brilliant they were since the beginning, and why this band ruled in this genre all over the decade.

If you have the previous release of this album, do yourself a favor and replace it with this Remastered Edition, it sounds million bucks.

HIGHLY Recommended

01. Intro / Breakout
02. Come Back
03. Roulette
04. Radio Chat
05. She Don't Know Me
06. Shot Through the Heart
07. Love Lies
08. Radio Chat 2
09. Guitar Solo / Get Ready
10. Runaway
11. Encore: Runaway / Take You Higher

Jon Bon Jovi – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Richie Sambora – lead guitar, backing vocals
Alec John Such – bass, backing vocals
Tico Torres – drums, percussion
David Bryan – keyboards, backing vocals



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