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SERIOUS BLACK - First Light (Acoustic) (2017)


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European super group SERIOUS BLACK doesn't stop. Ready for the holidays, the band surprisingly are presenting on a standalone CD "First Light", a disc of acoustic songs only available into the Ltd. Special Fan Box release of their last album Magic appeared few months ago.

With a stable line up featuring members of some of the finest metal bands around (Helloween, Blind Guardian, Bloodbound, Firewind), SERIOUS BLACK are demonstrating they are not just a 'side project', having released 3 studio albums in the same number of years since formed.

"First Light" features songs taken from their 3 albums, re-worked in an acoustic environment.

It's a very nice idea to hear these heavy rockers in a different way, some of the songs almost unrecognizable in this stripped format.

Of course, these are terrific musicians, and everything is perfectly arranged and performed.

The first tracks 'Temple of the Sun', 'Akhenaton', 'Setting Fire to the Earth', 'Heartbroken Soul' are ok, a pleasant listen but only with acoustic guitars / basses / percussion.

But then on track 5 'Dying Hearts'... wow, this is fantastic take on the song only with Jan Vacik's pianos and Urban breed's impressive vocals. This track / version alone worth the disc.

And gets better; 'Hello Moon' adds a highly melodic set of acoustic guitars but the focus is more 'Americanized', filled with stupendous harmony vocals.

Another highlight is the re-arranged 'High and Low', again with excellent pianos and vocal arrangements. Despite the 'slow' nature of this version, Urban's vocals are rough and energetic creating a great effect.

Really, really good and unexpected SERIOUS BLACK release at the end of the year.

Strongly Recommended

01 - Temple of the Sun (Acoustic Version)
02 - Akhenaton (Acoustic Version)
03 - Setting Fire to the Earth (Acoustic Version)
04 - Heartbroken Soul (Acoustic Version)
05 - Dying Hearts (Acoustic Version)
06 - Hello Moon (Acoustic Version)
07 - I Show You My Heart (Acoustic Version)
08 - High and Low (Acoustic Version)
09 - Sealing My Fate (Acoustic Version)

Urban breed – vocals
Bob Katsionis – guitars
Dominik Sebastian – guitars
Jan Vacik – keyboards, piano
Mario Lochert – bass
Alex Holzworth – drums


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