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Blackfinger – When Colors Fade Away

Dead Planet

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    • of course they should. IMHO. otherwise soon this excellent database of music will get out of date. 
    • heard this on FB earlier. I've loved everything these guys have done, and great live. Virtually guaranteed to be near the top of my albums for 2022 
    • What is your definition of a "Glam Band"?   
    • If properly labeled as such, I don't see a problem. 
    • Yup. Meant Keeling. My bad.  Will come up with some more.
    • No issues with the health care system in Australia could be because you have been locked down for the last 2 years and haven't really had to deal with the same level of infection.....congrats, sounds like your politicians have it all under control 
    • Asking because I received an inquiry. It seems we revisit this issue every few years, but the state of the industry and opinions change, so it doesn't hurt to revisit the issue. I know that the main HH site is focused primarily on physical media releases, but as the world goes increasingly digital, if we limit the database to physical media releases only, we run the risk of being increasingly irrelevant (even more than the musical genres we love already are). I personally don't see a problem in including digital-only releases in the main site DB as long as: They are authorized, i.e., released by the band or a record label. No fileshares, torrents, etc. They have cover art, They are clearly labeled as a "Digital Release" in the listing. See this example: https://heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/glamcd.cgi?BandNum=53&CDName=Leppard on the Loose Thoughts, suggestions?
    • I wonder that too.  I know I saw some interviews with Ronnie where he said the band hadn't really been active much since COVID started.  But that was back when his first solo album was dropping earlier this year.  Haven't heard much since that. This 2nd solo album sure seems to suggest the band is probably on hiatus or something.  Or at the least no new material is very imminent if this is where Ronnie's focus has been.
    • Excellent stuff!   These guys have done a lot of different sounding stuff but for me this song suits them perfectly....edgy, catchy, melodic hard rock.  Don't think I could say it's the best they've done but do like it a lot.  I will say though that for me, this tune absolutely blows away anything on that Robin Red solo album. Looking forward to this album for sure.
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