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Ghost Of War - Only Death Is Real


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Hey guys. Recently discovered that a co-worker was drummer in a local band called GHOST OF WAR. So I went out and tracked down their debut CD from 2012 called "Only Death Is Real".


Here are a few tracks:







Ghost of War is a heavy metal band based out of Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Formed in 2009 by Thane Farace & Ronnie Peterson, they set out to create their ultimate metal/rock band. The band that THEY would want to see & hear live. Both veterans to the "local music scene" with 20+ years each, playing all over the Mid Atlantic region, they quickly teamed up with Gary Daniels (bass guitar) and Jim Mathis (drums) and they set out to write and record their debut CD.


Not long after, that vision came to be. The debut CD "ONLY DEATH IS REAL" was released on Sept. 22, 2012 with rave reviews.The CD contains 11 tracks, including 2 cover tunes, the Arthur Brown classic "FIRE" and Grand Funk Railroads world renowned, epic tale of touring musicians out on the road "WE'RE AN AMERICAN BAND", both of which have been featured on FM & online radio stations. The collaboration of these musicians and the final musical product was highly anticipated to many in the Mid Atlantic region. Their CD release party was nothing short of triumphant for the band, because they were finally on their way to local, regional and national success.


So obviously all these scenarios fit right into their way of life. 4 friends who want to play the music they love...together. Writing, recording, and touring is what they do.Taking great pride and detail to their "live shows" to include something for the eyes as well as the ears to enjoy. Always including the audience into the mix and often bringing special guests on stage to make them feel part of the show. Playing with so many national acts all over the east coast. And since the release of their CD, the songs "Beautiful Lies" & "Falling into Eternity" have been highly successful on Reverbnation where the band itself is #1 in Gettysburg , PA and surrounding areas. It is also a big seller on iTunes & cdbaby as well. Most recently the band won the Quiet Riot battle of the bands in Philadelphia Pa, with drummer Frankie Banali being the deciding vote to give them the big win.


The band is Nationally sponsored by JAGERMEISTER and have been featured on local and national music festivals. Also sponsored by Deville Ink & Piercing Co., Bio-Hazard Clothing wear, as well as Clayton guitar accessories and Redbeard Leather works. These guys are 4 working class old school rock n roll musicians.They literally started from the ground up, drawing from years of experience, and bringing the know how of what to do and what not to do to make this band successful.Taking little pieces of their personal and musical influences, combining them so they explode like a nuclear blast. They combine metal, thrash,hardcore, punk, country, bluegrass and straight ahead rock n roll, to create their own unique sound.and that sound is ...GHOST OF WAR.


Available at CDBaby:




Listen to tracks here:



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Album Notes
GHOST OF WAR is traditional AMERICAN METAL, with a just the right touch of PROG/POWER/EURO METAL, to set the tone for what is being described as Metallica meets Helloween meets Iced Earth meets Motorhead!
Imagine if you will the rawness, the fury, the anger of "Master Of Puppets" or "Bonded By Blood" with today's technology. If you took Rob Halford, Ripper Owens, Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Joey Belladonna & Geoff Tate vocals , then added Eddie Van Halen, Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteen & Richie Blackmore guitar work, then added Steve Harris, Jimmy Bain, Geezer Butler and Geddy Lee bass lines, & the thunderous drumming of Gene Hoglan, Charlie Benante, Paul Bostaph and Mickey Dee, you would have exactly the dream band every metal fanatic wants right? Well that is GHOST OF WAR!!
With their triumphant debut CD "ONLY DEATH IS REAL" they have drawn deep from all their earliest and most current influences. From straight up speed metal trash tunes like "The Absolute Nothing" which has been described as Exodus meets Death Angel. To songs like "SHE" which is a "ballad like" Rush meets Triumph kind of beautiful melodic song. To "Falling Into Eternity" which could very well be mistaken for Iced Earth or Helloween.
This band hails from GETTYSBURG, PA. (with members also residing in BALTIMORE, MD) they have claimed stake in the mid-atlantic region to "BRING THE METAL BACK TO THE PEOPLE". This an American Band! & that classic grand funk railroad song is featured on the CD, with a modern faster, harder hitting version (still staying true to its original roots) that is radio ready for everyone to crank up! Also on the CD is the "Crazy World of Arthur Brown" 1968 classic "Fire". Re-recorded faster, more frantic than the most ripping heavy metal you have heard. Ghost Of War features Thane Farace on lead guitars, who since the age of 4 has been playing guitar , & worshiping some of the greats such as; Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen & Yngwie Malmsteen (as well as countless other axe masters). Jim Mathis on drums who is the most hard hitting skin bashing "viking drummer" you'll ever see (or hear). He is the double bass monster! Gary Daniels on bass (a guitar player by trade) switched over to bass to bring his death metal guitar styling and incorporated them onto the 5 string low end bass machine. Last but not least, Ron Peterson on vocals, who from the age of 5 has worshiped at the alter of rock n roll (Rob Halford especially). His vocals have been mistaken at any time for Halford, DIO, Ripper Owens and Hetfield! With a vocal range that will shatter steel .

You're guaranteed to love if not one , but ALL of the songs on this CD . It has been released for only a few days now and is getting GREAT reviews ! Trust us, you will have fun trying to sing along while listening to this metal, master piece! "ONLY DEATH IS REAL"....

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