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C.T.P. (Christian Tolle Project) - Now & Then


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Press release:

Following "The Higher They Climb" from 2012, the fourth album "Now & Then" of guitarist, producer and songwriter Christian Tolle is going to be released under the project name C.T.P.

"Now & Then" is a special album: Christian re-recorded some of his best songs with new singers and in a new outfit, plus he threw in some new songs. Therefore, it is quite justifiable to claim that "Now & Then" has been the most powerful music release as yet. As a result, the musical range is widespread: Rock bangers like "Dumped", stomping Rock Blues like "Magic Pudding" or West Coast hightlights like "Taking A Risk" or "Hard To Find" combine the whole array of handmade classic rock. Simply put: pure variety, powerful songs.

As for the previous albums, Christian was again able to engage numerous excellent rock singers and musicians for the project. John Parr, Philip Bardowell, Rick Riso, John Cuijpers, Michael Voss and David Reece refine the classic AOR compositions with their charismatic voices just as the technical skills of exceptional musicians like Steve Lukather (guitar), Michael Landau (guitar), Tim Pierce (guitar), Doug Aldrich (guitar), Chuck Wright (bass), Lauren Scheff (bass), Raymond Herveille (drums), Morris Adriaens (keyboards, backing vocals).

The twelve album tracks plus the CD bonus track "Changed (Alternative Version)" present an all-round successful and homogenous, but nonetheless full-on rock trip into the classic and also timeless AOR.










1 Dumped (feat. Michael Voss)
2 Magic Pudding (feat. John Cuijpers)
3 The Real Thing (feat. John Parr)
4 Taking A Risk (feat. Rick Riso)
5 Changed (feat. Philip Bardowell)
6 The Price Of Love (feat. David Reece)
7 Hard To Find (feat. Michael Voss)
8 Back To The Moon (feat. John Parr)
9 On And On (feat. Rick Riso)
10 One Night Alone (feat. Philip Bardowell)
11 Enemy (feat. John Cuijpers)
12 87 99
13 Changed (Alternative Version) (feat. Philip Bardowell)

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