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This is for MetalllianStallion. The rest of y'al can feel free to ignore.


FIrst off, dude, I guess I'm flattered to be "deputized" (Deputy Doghouse) by somebody who's done his own fair share of policing the comments section of HH through the years. That you would see fit to pin your tin star on me is a real honor.


Reckless Love: I'm aware that 'gay" is often slang for "lame" or "stupid." I've even done it myself (see Maestro Alex Gregory, Priscilla, Michael Bolton). Why not? I was a teenager once too. There is actually a scholarly tome about the patterns of communication in adolescent boys called "Dude, You're A Fag." But you often to amplify it with references to gerbils and Bruce Jenner, which would seem to take things beyond mere lameness and stupidity. So it's somehow become this noble thing to be "politically incorrect," which itself is too often used as a euphemism for ignorant and unthinking. But then when it comes to religion ...


Satanic Rites: I understood what you meant in your first comment on that CD, that the band's name was ludicrously out of step with its music. I said so at the time, and even joked back (keyboards as the instruments of the devil). Next thing you know, you're proselytizing at me about the connections between musical performance and demonic possession. I was waiting fo rthe part about backward-masking. There was even that time you wagged the finger at some guy with 777 in his handle, and how his language wasn't befitting somebody sporting J.C.'s jersey number. But yes, I was using the more general definition of "theology" (in fact, this is the first I've heard of the word being strictly limited to Christian belief systems--does this make the phrase "Christian theology" redundant?) You don't have to justify your faith to me; frankly, I'm not really interested. As for my "blood and semen" comment on BrutalMetal, I think the post you're referring to was specifically related to a concept album based on the Jack The Ripper murders--again, as I said in the very same comment. Nothing religious about it, other than Jack's speculated desire to punish prostitutes for their evil ways. In fact, I don't believe I've posted on very many truly satanic bands on BM, much less in praise of their ideology. I frequent that site because I'm increasingly bored with the desperate '80's revivalism and treacly pop-rock on HH, rather than an affinity for any kind of "lifestyle" of any of the bands.


Does this clear anything up?

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