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Monument - Hair Of The Dog

Dead Planet

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    • I think the “New” Whitecross is the “All grown up” Whitecross.  I enjoyed the first 3-4 Albums then got tired of the sound. This EP that was released was/is really good and it wasn’t mixed and is still really good! For me the EP is Darker than anything Whitecross/Rex has ever written. The music has a more modern metal sound w a new unique (Not Ratt) sound.  I haven’t been this excited about a new Album release since Tourniquet did ‘Gazing at Medusa’.  I only hope that I’m not let down like I was w the Tourniquet Album when released.  Lord willing it’s allot like the EP or better.    I recomend to all you Whitecross/Rex Carrol fans to check Rex’s interview on the “Imaginary Music” Podcast.  Rex explains allot of why the line up change and the new direction of Whitecross.  Lot of other great interviews w other Artists too!
    • Crazy Lixx - Two Shots at Glory Gotthard - Lipservice Judas Priest - Invincible Shield (Pre-order) Cutting Crew - Broadcast Lacuna Coil - Comalies INXS - Shabooh Shoobah (Remaster) Mi-Sex - Graffiti Crimes Liam Gallagher & John Squire - S/T (Pre-order)
    • New album 'Kaleidoscope' out April 12th. 01. Now And Forever [04:10] 02. Hey You [05:09]’ 03. What’s Not To Love [03:24] 04. Seven Signs of Love [05:37] 05. Don’t Make Me Do It [05:36] 06. 4th of July [04:00] 07. The Bet [05:52] 08. Sara’s Dream [04:29] 09. Bucket List [05:41] 10. The Plains of Marathon [05:00] 11. Kaleidoscope [04:13] 12. Love Will Find A Way [05:38]  
    • Interesting that they call it an AOR album...I wonder if that was intentional seeing as how their last one was closer to hard rock and IMO not up to par with their better works. Uninspiring production and Jidhed's voice sounded a little weak... Eternity on the other hand was awesome, but geez, that was already 10 years ago. Do they still have enough left in the tank?
    • Playing the new album right now 
    • Motorhead - The Lost Tapes Vol. 1-5 (Box) Amaranthe - The Catalyst Einar Solberg - The Congregation Acoustic Crazy Lixx - Two Shots At Glory Robert Hart - Circus Life Ihsahn - S/T Bad Omens - S/T Bad Omens - Finding God Before God Finds Me Bad Omens - The Death Of Peace Of Mind Meshuggah - Chaosphere (25th Anniversary Remaster)
    • Sounds pretty decent...will watch out for this one
    • They've searched for participants for a new video on FB a couple of weeks ago  I guess it"s a new song.
    • From FB: Exciting news! Come April, Alien will be recording a new AOR album. Stay tuned.
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