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Anyone heard much by him?


He's releasing music at an astonishing rate recently. An album a day in his Pikes series leading up to Halloween this year!


From what i've heard do far it varies wildly in styles but the more melodic rock styled Pike releases are pretty dam good.



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Someone @ my office "gifted" me with one of his CDs a few years back -- I couldn't even get through the whole thing. Dude is talented, no doubt, but way too "out there" for me.

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Some of his stuff is definitely way way out there. I've been browsing his Pikes releases on Youtube and some of them are really weird but when he gets his rock thing going they are impressive.


What is fascinating is that not a lot is know about him, there are next to no photos of him without a KFC bucket on his head and the rate he's recording music is incredible. 103 releases this year so far!

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