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Ian James Stewart (Strangeways) - Junk DNA


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Granted. This is on the softer side of AOR but very interesting. For open-minded only... ;)


What a beautiful track (Heaven Knows)


From AOR Website:


For Those Who Listen: Soft Rock, Jazz, Pop Ian James Stewart's name will not be unknown to several of you, having been an important part of Scottish Strangeways which provided its contribution as a guitarist. admit to having lost sight of for a while and now I find him with this solo album I was blown away as it has little to do with his past hard rock / AOR, indeed, the thirteen songs ranging in various musical fields, all treated with a remarkable maturity. Atmospheric The "Phosphorus", for example, is sweet and delicate as they knew to be Dire Straits and Sting solo, yet his eight and a half minutes and absolutely do not weigh flowing stroking ears and heart.

Very different tenor the next "Big White Monkey" with its Southern Rock sounds that are sunny and scorching diluted in soft and safe pop / rock "One More Time", which owes much to American songwriters like Jackson Browne or Tom Petty, while " Path Of Lightening "takes these influences and mixes them with Dire Straits without squirming too much.
"Charlie Parker" plays with jazz refined by nightclub and "So Far So Good", rich choruses and expansive spaces, would not be sorry to Bruce Hornsby .
The average duration of each track is over five / six minutes and the target audience is adults, used to be lulled by the performers, to be transported to distant shores, to appreciate the subtleties instrumental scattered generously by Stewart that long wanted to experiment with a similar operation lontata the more familiar patterns of Strangeways. Success! http://www.ianjamesstewart.com/ ABe What works: you feel that the artist is able to express the feelings nit: not for the purists rockers








1. Junk DNA
2. Phosphorus
3. Big White Monkey
4. One More Time
5. Path Of Lightning
6. Charlie Parker
7. So Far So Good
8. No Water
9. Heaven Knows
10. Know Is Nothing
11. If This Is Life
12. When U Love Somebody (bonus track)
13. Slow Burn Dance (bonus track)



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