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Worlds Apart - Separate Ways


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Never heard of this 2012 release.


From cdbaby.com:


"Worlds Apart, who have performed and recorded together since the early 90's is a melodic rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Worlds Apart has released 4 CD's on Perris Records as one of their top selling artist.
Since the beginning Worlds Apart has played to sold out crowds, headlining as well as directly supporting many national acts such as Dokken, Y&T, Night Ranger, Cinderella, Firehouse, Zakk Wylde, MSG, Montrose, Bang Tango, Enuff Z'nuff and many, many others.

Worlds Apart's 5th album "Separate Ways" released on A.F.O. Records is a collection of songs which were recorded on a 16 track analog tape machine back in 1992 yet never officially released. Worlds Apart decided the fans deserved to hear these songs as they were meant to be heard so we enlisted recording artist and super producer Johnny Lima to re-mix the original analog tracks as well as the amazing Anthony Focx to do the mastering.

The album title “Separate Ways” is an acknowledgement of the fact that this will be the last and final album from Worlds Apart. We sincerely hope our fans enjoy this record as well as all previous releases. We cannot express our appreciation enough to everyone who has supported us over the years….Thank you!"

Worlds Apart:


Rich Cedillo – All Guitars and Backing Vocals

Jeff (JAS) Silva – Bass, Fretless and Backing Vocals

Jay Davids – Lead Vocals

Gary Silva – Drums








1. That’s Why they Sent Me

2. Crutch

3. Give it Back

4. Last Time

5. Desperation

6. Can’t Let Go

7. Separate Ways

8. Riding on a Whisper

9. All or Nothing

10. Forever

11. Final Chapter








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