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Adrian Smith's New Side Project


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Adrian Smith has a new studio side project called Primal Rock Rebellion, and in my humble opinion, it sucks canal water. He's hooked up with a singer (if you can call what this guy does, "singing") named Mikee Goodman, and the results are bloody awful. Smith's guitar is constantly drowned out by the boring monotone of Goodman's spoken word nonsense, or the utterly horrible shrieking and caterwauling he tries to pass off as vocals. I like Smith's other side projects (ASAP), or other bands (Psycho Motel), but this crap is simply more than I can stomach. Check out this photo: http://s999.photobucket.com/albums/af112/Axelinger/?action=view&current=AdrianSmithReject.jpg , and think back to an infamous Oprah show, which featured a moronic Tom Cruise leaping about on a couch in similar fashion. It's the only thing I can find even mildly entertaining about the entire mess. The songs suck, and Smith should kick Goodman to the curb ASAP before he has his reputation ruined.

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Smith should kick Goodman to the curb ASAP


Hey, you made a funny.... cuz Adrian's first band outside of Maiden was called ASAP (Adrian Smith and Project)...

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