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ANIMETAL USA (Viscera, Impellitteri, Sarzo, Travis)


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Not sure if there are any fans of Animetal here, worth checking out if you are open minded, dig Japanese metal, anime and so on. Guitars are always killer. Here is the press release of their new album, turns out it is now taken over by some pretty talented western musicians. In the past they always added some very cool tributes to some of the best metal and hard rock songs within the structure of another song.


Animetal was a Japanese heavy metal band who specialized in metal covers of popular Japanese anime/tokusatsu theme songs. Animetal USA, an American counterpart of Animetal, will release their first album "Animetal USA" from Sony Music Japan in Japan on October 12. They are planning a world tour next year, including Japan and the US.

Animetal Japan was originally formed by a famed metal vocalist Eizo Sakamoto (Anthem) in 1996. They had released 11 metal cover albums and had sold more than 600,000 copies till 2006 when they went on hiatus.

The newly formed Animetal USA' s members are all experienced heavy metal musicians.


Vocal: Mike Vescera (Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen Band)

Guitar: Chris Impellitteri (Impellitteri)

Bass: Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne Band, Whitesnake, Dio)

Drums: Scott Travis (Racer X, Judas Priest)


They play 11 metal cover songs in the first album and sing some parts in original Japanese and some in English. The songs include the theme songs from classic anime series such as;

"Space Battleship Yamato"

"Science Ninja Team Gatchaman"

"Kyojin no Hoshi"

"Tiger Mask"

"Mazinger Z"

"Dragon Ball"

"Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star)"


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Check out the Japanese Ad for this album. If this doesn't get you pumped nothing will ;)




The full video is on the AnimetalUSA site and also on Sleazroxx. Worth checking out and adding it to the cheesiest metal video section.

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